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hello everyone, my name is graham
Waving Hello Smilie Feel very welcomed, Graham! Nice of you to join the family. Have a very nice time! See you around in threads! Elf Smilie Snowman Smilie Angel Smilie
Hi Graham, welcom to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie May we call you Gud? Share and enjoy!
yea you can call me Gud
Welcome Gud! If you want to tell us more about yourself then this is the thread to do it in. Enjoy PT.
Welcome to PT Gud !! Welcome to our happy family , Share and Enjoy Smile Smilie See you around in the threads Happy Elf Smilie
Welcome Gud, feel free to ask questions, PM or start a thread. Share what you know and learn what you seek.......
Hey Graham!

Welcome to PT! You'll have a wonderful time in this world providing the much-sought-after bridge between reality and fantasy.

With love to all,
Welcome! It's always nice to see new faces.
Hello again Gud Graham. Please tell us where do you come from! What is your native country? Angel Smilie Elf Smilie Good and Evil Smilie
Im from terrace bc
I cant get my avatar to show up, any ideas?
Is it in the right format and size, Gud? Oh, before I forget....*waves* Welcome to our big happy psychotic PT family!!!!!! *lil red riding hood skips off merrily*
As far as I can recall this is the first time I "meet" a Canadian from British Colombia. Being a Norwegian myself I have to conclude that we both live in some marvellous countries. Thanks for joining in!
norway eh (yes, we really do say eh in Canada)
Send me a PM Gud, I can help you out with an avatar...
Welcome Gud,..enjoy your time here at PT.There are alot of great people here! Waving Hello Smilie