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I am Leelee and by happy chance I stumbled upon this site. What a thrill , the more I read the more excited I became. It seems like a little bit of Middle Earth heaven to come to and learn and share.
I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible and learning from each of you .
thank you for allowing me to come.
Hi LeeLee,
We are very happy that you happened to find our site. Indeed there is much to read and share with our PT family.
Enjoy and Welcome!
Welcome and Greetings, LeeLee,

Share what you know and learn what you seek

If any problems arise, dont hesistate to PM anyone, we wont bite....well, maybe one or two.... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Welcome to our family Leelee. Happy Elf Smilie Share and enjoy.
WELCOME to our happy family at PT Leelee Waving Hello Smilie I'm happy that you found your way to be with us and I hope you will stay and on forever Happy Elf Smilie See you around in the threads Smile Smilie Hope to share and enjoy a lot with you Smile Smilie
welcome to our big happy pt fam, leelee!!!! feel free to ask for help, post anywhere and join us in our jolly good times. (helpful hint: beware V...she does bite!!! Wink Smilie )
OOOOh.... I don't... well, not very often, OK quite often. Usually after roasting has finished.

Welcome Leelee. Enjoy.
Welcome, Leelee, well landed. May you find as much joy and warmth as I have found. Give and share. I'll be happy to see around in threads! Angel Smilie Good and Evil Smilie Angel Smilie
Oh thankyou all very much.
I have to admit that I am rather slender witted when it comes to avatars and so I am seeking help(blush blush). I tried numerous times to download some avies I really liked but it kept saying that it had to be .gif. then I found some gif avies and then it kept saying it had to be 70x70 pixels and I thought I did that. sigh........I am quite worn out.
Any thoughts?

I was thinking about JRR today and remembering how, in many of his letters to family and especially Christopher he would pour out his heart about his beloved Edith, his Luthien Tinuviel's poor health or his or the pain of the war. And I remember one particularly poingnant statement he made to his son about how he and Edith had 'saved' one another. It broke my heart. And yet even in his worst moments there was always something so hopeful and light and lovely about him, don't you think?
Well that is precisely the same feeling I have when I log on to this site. It is not something I can even explain. It is wonderful
Welcome in our family,Leelee!Im sure you will find this site as great as we do Dunce Smilie feel free to pm me anytime Big Smile Smilie Ninerl Jumping Flame Smilie
Well that is precisely the same feeling I have when I log on to this site

I know what you mean LeeleeHappy Elf Smilie PTalways make me happy ,and it's nice to see friends onlineSmile Smilie
Of course
pt makes all of us so happy!i could't be online for days and it made me feel Very Sad Smilie it s good to be back!
I'm happy to see you found your avatar LeeleeSmile Smilie It's niceHappy Elf Smilie
Yes, I like your avatar also, how on earth did you get it??? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Orc Grinning SmilieOrc Grinning Smilie 2000th Post!!!!! Orc Grinning SmilieOrc Grinning Smilie
Happy belated Hello and Welcome!

Sorry i just saw this post as of now.... Glad to see you found this site! I've noticed from quite a few of your posts you are very intelligent and have a lot of good input and opinions to give.

i need a new avatar too. Someone gave me this avatar to use when i first signed on to this site, there is nothing wrong with this one but having a avatar of T’rin Turambar would suit my name a little closer.
T’rin Turambar, if you were to go to LOTR Trading Card Game, and look in the card lists, you might find a picture that would suit you very nicely. That's where I got my avatar, though I had to send it to Amari’ to get it into proper form.
cool thanks for info!
No problem!!
Loss is SO dear.
He made this avy for me. I would still be sitting here using another box of tissue trying to make the picture the right size and type. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Thank you Loss, you are so helpful and kind. I appreciate this more than you know. Smile Smilie

And Congratulations on over two thousand posts. That sounds so .......daunting.
And Vee, you sound both scarey and wonderfully intriguing. Just the same I am buying a suit of mithrall and sharpening my trusty sword Lady Pain. Just in case.
The rest of you, I love your posts and wish I knew you all . REally.
I must admit, that although I have not properly encountered you yet LeeLee you do seem to like everything and everyone... Big Smile Smilie
Lord of All
I must admit, that although I have not properly encountered you yet LeeLee you do seem to like everything and everyone...

That is true, and we should be thankful for that because anything else would be uncivilized! ok maybe not uncivilized but a heck of a lot better than the opposite! :p
I have heard so much about Leelee, this invaluable addition to our planet and I cannot believe I have not yet posted on her welcome thread! Well, Leelee, this is very belated but it's still very warm and hearty. I most voraciously, squeakily, ardently, playfully, and most sincerely welcome you to Planet Tolkien!

And I will not say I hope you speak up in threads because you already have! Good job!

Signed with dust,
I have to admit that I am rather slender witted when it comes to avatars and so I am seeking help(blush blush). I tried numerous times to download some avies I really liked but it kept saying that it had to be .gif. then I found some gif avies and then it kept saying it had to be 70x70 pixels and I thought I did that. sigh........I am quite worn out.
Any thoughts?

Might that be Arwen on your avatar? That face looks disconcertingly familiar.
Yes it is, I saw it and fell in love with it. I actually chose two of her and Loss did them up for me and I thought this one the most unusual and well nifty.

Lord of All,
It is true I am a person that tries to see the good in everyone. That is not to say I don't get ticked and bugged and er cranky at times. But I think each person is their own unique bit of mithril. Beautiful and awesome in it's own fashion.
But if it would comfort you you can always pm me and I could think of something irritating to say I suppose. Winking Smilie

Cloveress and all of you thankyou.
Since it is Christmas , and well for me it is both that and Hanukkah I am giving you all from Faerieland where I have a summer cottage, a gift from the Queen of faeries, to each of you a magic pillow. When you lay your heads down and sing the Elbereth hymn you will be visited by the heroes of your choice in the night watches and have many jolly adventures and play like children again.That is when the orcs are not about.
have fun. Smile Smilie
Faerieland? I believe I have found a fellow Faerie! I shall sleep on that pillow and dream of my Queen (I hope your Arwen-obssession doesn't go as far as to make her the Faeriequeen).
Dear Cloveress,

Oberon & Titania are King and Queen of Fairies. How odd that you do not know this... Titania is the one who fell in love with a guy with a donkey's head, remember?
Dear Cloveress,
In the Faerieland I dwell in Lady Arwen is certainly not the Queen. So no worries there.
I am glad you will use your pillow, I have one given me by her and it has been a great blessing and comfort to me.
Vir, you know so much about so m uch. I have not bumped into you now and then in Faerieland when you have your real face have I? Smile Smilie
My dear Leelee,

since I'm an avid lepidopterist, access to Fairieland would be much appreciated... I'd like to catch a few little flutters to needle-stick into my collection.

Btw, Fairieland is not synonymous to Ferngully, is it? Wink Smilie
no no no no dear you mustn't do that. Needle point certainly, needle me for being a ninny, that is fine, but.............nnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
And no it is not synonymous with Ferngully.
Where I go it is ancient, so very ancient, awash with glittering tides over salmon colored beaches. The hills and mountains sparkle from the heavy lodes of silver and gold. The clouds are magnificent and ethereal and you can , if you listen carefully hear faeries talking inside t hem as they ride them over the beautiful terrain.
There is an ancient library there built by the Faerie Queen and all the dialects of the ancient world are represented on the parchment scrolls.
Elves that are past numbering in years of age dwell there and they counsel any who come to them and are wondrous beautiful.
No one save actual residents of Faerieland are allowed to stay over three months, for they don't allow mortals to avoid their real purposes but only allow us to come and be refreshed and sit in perfect peace.
But........have I seen you there, I wonder?
If not please accept this crystal key that will allow you to come as soon as may be
WITHOUT your stickly pin dearest Vir. Police Smilie (there are police even there!)
I think I remember that Lord Morpheus hired young Will to write that play and he later presented it in an outdoor setting before the assembled faeries who quite enjoyed it. I believe Loki had a marvolous time that day. Will's young son Hamnet was allowed to accompany his father and the actors on that day, which was quite a treat. - for more of this story see Dream Country, which is Volume 3 in the Graphic Sandmam Library written by Neil Gaiman
how perfectly enchanting.Smile Smilie
Now that I am finding my way about and learning about some of you, may I ask how many of you have been reading Tolkien's works longer than say ten years?
*Raises hand* I would be one, found the Hobbit in the bookshelves when I was ten/eleven years old. Can honestly say that I haven't found an author since that has the mind of Tolkien.
Leelee, I have been reading Tolkien since one of my English teachers introduced me to him in 1971. My brothers and I bought our first LotR from Ballatine for 95 cents a volume! I have been reading it to various audiences ever since. As well, I have been reading and researching about Tolkien's background and impetus in writing for nearly as long. In 1979, some friends took to calling me Gandalf, and that has been my nick ever since.
Stonehelm and Gandalf,
Both your stories brought tears to my eyes and seem like stories in themselves. Stonehelm-to be that young and already be immersed in such wonder and intelligent faerie must have been the most exciting adventure. Did you know of any other children that were hooked as you were?
And Gandalf, imagine being able to purchase something so fine for that price. You sound like his work has so permeated your being that you are able to pass on the wealth of it to many many people. Do you write and if so has it greatly affected how you perceive things and put th em to paper? You know as soon as I saw that you had called yourself Gandalf I had the distinct feeling there must be a very good reason. How wonderful