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Hi all! Waving Hello Smilie

I'm not sure if anyone even vaguely remembers me, but I used to be quite active here. It's been ages since I was here, I am fully aware of that, but I just wanted to drop by and say hello. I'm doing well, I graduated from college in September and now I'm looking for a job. All is well on my side, in other words, and I hope you are all doing equally well.

Before you ask: no, I am not returning to PT, I'm very very busy with other stuff. (The usual boring old excuse, but there are only 24 hours in one day and I do like to sleep for about 8-10 of them.Animated Wink Smilie ) For now I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a jolly good New Year. My best wishes to you all for 2007!

Lots of greetings,

Tommie Waving Santa Smilie
Yay! TommieGirl! Great to hear from you again. Glad to hear things are going not so bad for you and thanks for popping in. We like to keep up with our members' goings on. Happy Christmas & New Year to you!
Heya TommieWaving Santa Smilie I do remember you ! Merry X-mas to you and a Happy New YearSmile Smilie
Yo Tommie! My greets to the Great Greet:

Smiling Santa Smilie Snowman Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Christmas Tree Smilie Snowman Smilie Smiling Santa Smilie
Haven't seen you in a while! Merry Christmas, and good luck on job-hunting!
-Arco(rmacolind’va) Pary Smilie
Hi Tommie!

I haven't been around for ages either, but it's good to see you are still kind of around!

Best of luck for 2007, I hope you had a good Xmas!

Heya 42Waving Hello Smilie Good to see that you are still aroundSmile SmilieHAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOUPary Smilie