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High, I'm Turin. I hail from Hithlum by way of Brethil. I know what you're thinking: "Didn't your own sword turn against you and kill you when you just needed a shoulder to cry on?" Rumors and lies; I am very much alive. But let's keep that betwixt friends. I got a bit of a bad rep among the other outlaws when they found out that I married my sister. So I staged a heroic battle with this jerk Glaurung. Unfortunately, the other guys who went to fight with me weren't buyin' into it, so I had to go more extreme and stage a suicide. Personally, I hope that they blame that gimp who was always tryin' to get with my woman.

Anyway, it seems that there is a lot of Gondor-centrism goin' on here; I feel a little out of place. I decided to identify with the nearest region (Fornost) to my homeland (which, incidently, is now and forever under the ocean off the coast of the blue mountains). Thanks for inviting this lonely rougue for some fellowship and maybe even an occasional orc hunt. I must warn you, though. Don't get too close to me. Bad things happen to my friends and family. By the way, did they ever get that Morgoth guy?
Heya Turin Waving Hello Smilie What a great introduction Smile Smilie WELCOME TO PT Smile Smilie I'm glad you have already have found your way to the threadsSmile Smilie I'm looking forward to read more of your postSmile Smilie SHARE AND ENJOYHappy Elf Smilie
Hail..It is good to see a new face here on PT. Welcome! Yes..its a very good introduciton, i see that you have a great imagination. That's exactly what we want here at PT. So hop on board, i hope to see you in the forums and RPG's..
Welcome to our happy family Turinturumart, I assume our's is happier than the one you left. Tell us something the mundane you, the one who types in the words on your keyboard. Happy Elf Smilie
OK, Grondmaster. I shall humor those of you unwilling to accept the existence of a 12,611-year-old human. As it turns out, I do have a mild-mannered alter-ego that I use to interact with the people of today (most of them much yonger humans). By day, I pretend to be a physicist in his late twenties; quite a different life-style from vengeance-obsessed orc-slayer. To be honest with you, I just got a little bored after searching for orcs to kill for millenia and not finding a single one. Where did they all go?

By the way, "Grondmaster" sounds like an orc name. Have I found who I have been looking for?
(Turin wipes the lustful drool from his chin.)
He's right about that Grondy.. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Grondmaster does sound like some orcish name..With the "Grond" and "master"...
Hmm..iv never noticed that before..
Greetings, enjoy your stay, I cannot give a lenghty welcome, things to do, but enjoy your stay on our humble planet Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
By the way, "Grondmaster" sounds like an orc name. Have I found who I have been looking for?
I don't think so, see my post of Posted Thursday 25th January 2007 (11:03pm) in How did you get your user name? for the origin of my name.
Welcome, you sound wonderful.
Grondy I did read what you wrote about your name.
I wonder though, you aren't a jekyle hyde type Grondmaster are you? Noble by day and er.......orcie by night. I mean you DO have that time machine, you can move around as you see fit and confuse us all. hmmmmmmmmmmm
Hi Turin, nice to meet ya!
Woudln't worry too much about that sister thing, you're not the first... not as if you knew, anyhow! A bit rough that they drowneded your homeland, but I don't think you were responsible for that either...

What the hell is going on round here lately?

Things are going great here at PT Happy Elf Smilie
( Please mind your language though ...this is a family site)
Oh hello, Turinturumart!

I am wonderfully glad to see you in this thread after reading some of your lengthy but interesting posts. Really sorry about the sister thing, too. You know, I wish you could've just returned to Doriath as your friend Beleg advised. Then, he wouldn't have had to die trying to save you and you wouldn't have had to fall into the trap of incest. Ah, what a pity you just HAD to hang around a bunch of outlaws instead of those who REALLY loved you. Tut tut...

I do not know if I have an intro thread. I think I do. But I am dissatisfied with it anyhow. So I shall introduce myself to you. I am the Cloveress of this planet. Meaning, of course, that there is only ONE Cloveress on this planet. And Woe to any other who dares to impersonate me! I have gained the love of most people here, and love them all in return, though in the days of my absence, I have been tinged with the first colours of jealousy and I feel it devouring little bits of me at times. However, it does not change too much of me. I am still a little pixie/fairy/sprite. Of course, that's only one side of my split personality. The other is my Elf character, which is tall, dark-haired (like Luthien), fair, and like you, have been forced off her homeland because of the great big flood that those angry Valar had to unleash. I'm originally from Nargothrond, where you have lived for a time, as I have been told. But I lived there in the days of Felagund, whom I admired ardently. I lamented his fall most grievously, like the rest of my folk, and then I started wandering. Oh yes, now I'm on Planet Tolkien, which is a total anachronism, and I get to meet all sorts of folk.

So anyways, I hope we can be good friends, even though you had something to do with the ruin of my homeland and Finduilas was quite a good friend of mine... Still, I'm looking forward to knowing you here, Turinturumart!
Ehm... just a little reminder that I'm the original T’rin here...

lol just kidding.... kinda. =P
At least we don't have a gazillion Turins with those number sufixes like Turin666, Turin747, and Turin-2006-of-the-five-Rings. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Its an honor to be in the presence of the real Turin, whose story I read with interest although it is so sad. You are truely a tragic figure anad I feel for you. I am an older Hobbit-lady and bid you a warm welcome to Planet Tolkien, I'm sure I will enjoy reading your posts here :-)
Alright, Turin Turambar... You may have been the original Turin but you seem to be too mirthful for a Turin-who-killed-his-best-friend-and-married-his-sister-and-finally-committed-suicide.

But for the record, I am glad you have not let those sorrows affect you too much. You don't want to be the next Maglor...