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Thread: How did you get your user name?

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I got my nick from the black tongue of Mordor that says Fire.
There is no reason i chosed this just something that popped in to my head
Glad to see your avatar finally came up, Gash.
Grep = An abbreviation for general regular expresssion parser, grep is a standard UNIX program that looks for patterns found in files and reports on their occurrences. grep handles a wide range of patterns, including so-called "regular expressions" that can use all kinds of substitutions and wild cards to provide powerful search-and-replace operations within files.

it's a kind of search, searching etc...
"my name is actually Tarrant (yes that's my first name), which came from a series my parents evidently used to watch called 'Blake 7'"

I loved Blake's 7 (schoolboy at the time) and was thrilled when Steven Pacey got the role of Tarrant-he was Joseph at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham (replacing Jess Conrad) when I was in the chorus.
A very nice man as I remember, and tolerated a shocking number of mistakes from the beginners on the first night!
Yes, our founder Taz decided he no longer hated his given name of Tarrant after I pointed out that he was a character in Blake's 7, so from then on he started using his given name, rather than his nick.
my nick name is comin from The hobbit: one of the dwarfs had that name (the one with the food)
That's Bombur (at least, in the English version).
Bimbur, Bombur, Bambur
Three names for a fat dwarf
Who waddled down the wharf.
His first fell in and couldn't swim,
His second yelled and pulled him out,
While the third went to sleep in the hamper.
(And I've no idea what all that all was about.)

It matters not how a name is spelled, as long as its owner says proudly, 'That's me!'.
"parma" = book, "asta" = month, "hir" = root word for "to find"

Therefore, "book of months finder" but literally, "calendar collector". I am very much "into" a small part of Tolkienalia: the calendars. You can view my collection and compilation of calendars (now over 180) at:

I call it my passion. My wife says obsession. What's in a word, anyway?
42, I love your name. Let us all mourn Adams! (and laugh a litle while at it.)

mine came from a bunch of syllables squished together. I havent gotten around to learning much Sindarin or Elvish, so, It shall remain this way.
my name is elvish for 'enemy of morgoth's realm'
Fionw’ Urion is a name found in The Book of Lost Tales II. It was the name of Manw’'s son, later changed to Eonw’ or something like that, the herald of the Valar. I chose that because it was a name that most of my friends hadn't heard, because it was different, and because my first choice, Fingolfin, was already taken. But I've come to like Fionw’ better. I use Fionw’ or Fionwe in all of my online activities, like online gaming. In Total War I'm Lord Fionw’, in S.W. Battlefront II I'm known as Master Fionwe. Happy Elf Smilie
I like your name, Fionw’ Urion! To me it seems to be made of Q. fion "hawk" and -w’ (an abstract suffix), and Q. ’r "fire".

I picked S. Tyrhael for the sound then tried to find a meaning for it... I would have picked Ishamael or Moridin or Sammael, but suspect no one would get the reference save maybe Vir and Grondy.
Weren't you Arcomacolindova in a far-off past?
Yes, long ago I was known as Arcormacolind’va. But after figuring out that name was grammatically incorrect, I chose to change it to Tyrhael (a name which I commonly use on other sites), though I suppose I could have made it Arco.

I'm not on here much, though I occasionally pop in sometimes. I've been lurking in the Wheel of Time thread...

The last time I remember logging in was way back when Sheryl and Airecristiel were here. And Plastic and TomB et al.
The last time I remember logging in was way back when Sheryl and Airecristiel were here. And Plastic and TomB et al

Yes, now those were the days!

Sic transit gloria mundi...
I had assumed Tyrhael was our old language buff Arco from his avatar, as no self-respecting elf would ever steal another's avatar. Elf Winking Smilie
To me it seems to be made of Q. fion "hawk" and -w’ (an abstract suffix), and Q. ’r "fire".

Hmm, Fire Hawk, that's pretty cool! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
I had one of the Unfinished Tales names chosen to use, but I decided to use it for an email instead. So I chose my real middle name. No biggie.Nothing elegant or romantic or daring.
So I chose my real middle name.

Is Leelee a Native American name?
Me thinks "Leelee" was chosen in honor of a famous Virginian, a Confererate States of American General, but a stutter was involved when pen was put to paper. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Regardless, Leelee is also a very fine namename. Happy Elf Smilie
oh you Grondy, haha. I should love to spend just one week at your house, except I am too shy. But oh well......

Leelee is one of the twenty-three variations of the name Lily and is of Latin origin.
What a guy............ Big Smile Smilie AT least my first name Rachel cannot be misinterpreted except that over here everyone pats me on the head and calls me a little lamb. So Angry Smilie
I think it's pretty obvious who's behind the inspiration of my nick name.
I have always admired the lifestyle of the Rangers of the North. Halbard is a variation of Halbarad who was the leader of the Rangers who joined Aragorn in the South.
My full name is Turion Calmo Ristar, its a quenya name, and a direct translation of my Real name, so if anyone can work out my name from that ill be very impressed Smile Smilie

Big Smile Smilie

aw......well that is depressing. If left to me to figure it out you will be celebrating your eightieth birthday first. I shall never never never never impress you. sniff
ok il tell you then,

its Damien Lucifer Taylor, (Damien from greek damos, "to master, to govern", hence turion from tur- "to master" + masculine name ending, Lucifer similar to greek lucius, meaning "the bringer of light" hence calmo from calma "light" + o "masculine name ending and Taylor from english, a mutation of tailor, hence ristar meaning sometihng like "he who cuts" as in fabric)

also im 21, hell if only i was 18 again hehe

Big Smile Smilie

Wow, what a perfectly literary and cool name. Were your parents into all the classics or something or philology or similar? Thankyou, thankyou very very much for telling me. I would have never in a lifetime figured out such a wonderful n ame.
I thought you were older than 21, you sound so mature.
when i was born my parents were (but no longer are) modern Satanist, i dont know why they stoped following the enlightened path, but now they class them selves as Aetheists, i on the other hand am and always will be a modern Satanist....

and ie been told many times before that i sound/act older than 21, but i had a very good upbringing, and was encouraged to learn and act maturly from a young age

Big Smile Smilie xxx

Moderator Smilie Now that Turion has explained the origin of his name, can we please ensure this does not become in any way at all a discussion about religion. Thank you. Moderator Smilie
aww Veledh, whats makes you think the elustrious members of PT, being as mature and open minded as most other message board members, would let this thread ditract into a rabble of flaming and religeous abuse?? i dont know, so mistrusting Wink Smilie

(please note severe sarcasm)
There's nothing wrong with a religions discussion, Turion, it's just that it doesn't go in this thread. We have lost threads to digressions before, and I can remember coming in on some threads that started out as one thing, and then I went to the end to put in my two-cents and the topic had digressed so much there was no way I could even bring it back...
Anyway, for my username, I don't think I've posted it here yet...Laurelome means 'golden echo', something I was playing with while listening to some awesome music. I had originally meant to use Quesselaurea, which translates roughly to 'golden feather' (works with my character), but it's too long, and even I can't figure out how to actually say it...
And i apologize for my odd elvish...both names are quenyan, I beleive, but I just kind of stuck them together as they sounded best, and I'm quite certain it's wrong...
aww well i understand the badness of flyinmg off topic (and youll soon learn im awfull for doin that, tangents are my best friend!)

and in case you wantd to no quesselaurea is pronounced kwes-se-LAU-re-a (with the au sounding like the exclamation OW! and the word is stressed on LAU)
Big Smile Smilie
There's nothing wrong with a religions discussion,

Except on this site, I'm afraid. Several years ago, after finding every topic concerning religion or politics eventually finished up getting out of hand and upsetting someone, we made a decision to implement a draconian ban the topics of religion, politics and sex from this forum. Unless those topics are directly related to Tolkien discussions/comparisons, we clamp down on them. I've no problem with Turion explaining the origin of his name, but I merely nipped in the bud any potential discussion about his religious beliefs.

okay, back on topic...

For newer members who probably do not know, my username is from Sinderin and means

Val - Power
Edhel - Elf
Gwath - Shadow
I didn't choose my name in honor of Morgoth's great mace, the Hammer of the Underworld, but rather in honor of the Dwarven metallurgist who accompanied Gimli to Gondor to help in its restoration after the War of the Ring.

This Dwarven metallurgist melted down the black steel wolf's-head from the burned out battering-ram that had broken down the old gates; and he cast and forged it into miscellaneous parts for the new gate as well as a plethora of bullfrog shaped doorstops and a great variety of signed man-hole covers. In essence he became the master of Grond; and hence my name.
it's kinda cool...that i started this thread like...years ago.

yet...why isn't my original post the first one?
Because many of the original posts got lost when we moved to this forum program in early 2004 abd we were only able to copy some of them back by hand before all the posts on the old Forum disapeared from there too. That type of problem is why those old threads and posts are all dated 01 January 1970. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...I see! Smile Smilie THAT explains the whol 1970 thing. But, why 1970? Did you all pick that date for a certain reason? Or did it just get set up that way?
I got my username by summarising all my attributes and finding a suitable word or phrase that relates to them all. Very Big Grin Smilie
Ladyoflegolas: The 1970 date just got set up that way, nobody knows why, Elf Confused Smilie for that date was even pre-PC.
I was wondering about the 1970 thing too, its good to have an explanation.

Sian (pronounced 'shan') is my real first name in Welsh. I can't speak the language but wish i could. My paternal grandfather was Welsh. 'Green' is a long story and I should probably not have included it in my name.
Yes...1970 was certainly pre-PC. Maybe that's when he first person had the first idea about computers!!! Big Smile Smilie
'Green' is a long story and I should probably not have included it in my name.

I like your username, Sian. I imagine a forrest spirit, a protector of nature, maybe related to Clover's avatar. Smile Smilie

(Am I still the only one who knows where Clover's avatar comes from?)
Thank you, Amarie! You brightend my day :-)

I don't know where Clover's avatar comes might be the only one!
When I think of Sian I see a tall regal female Robin Hoodish sort of noble Elfmaiden actually-watching over all things, eyes keen and far sighted and limbs agile and lovely ready to spring to action to save Hobbit, Man, fellow elf or any creature in need of help.
The 1970 date just got set up that way, nobody knows why, Elf Confused Smilie for that date was even pre-PC.

On Unix-based systems, Jan 1 1970 00:00:00 GMT corresponds to a numeric "Zero". When those messages were copied, it sounds like the program didn't know what date to use, so it used a default value of 0. (I'm assuming your web servers run under Unix, like the majority of them...)

Back on-topic-- my name is Meneldur ('servant of the heavens'), Elentirmo ('star-gazer'). Hence my profession as "Senior Astronomer and Stargazer of Rivendell". I share my name with Tar-Meneldur, 5th king of N’menor...except that I had it first because I'm much older, what with being immortal and all that. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Elanor is of course from the books -- the flower and the progeny of Samwise and Rose; rain is what I loved growing up and "raine-with-an-e" is, like "Anne-with-an-e", so much more better Wink Smilie -- also, "raine" happens to be part of my real name, (come to think of it, "orraine" is actually part of my real name), but "raine" is what I settled on as a nickname one summer when I was working at an arts camp for 8 weeks as a counselor, and there happened to be four other gals with my same first name, so to help avoid confusion I told the campers they could use my middle name. They promptly asked,
"well, then what do we call you for short? Lor?", and as I wasn't partial to that, I said that "Raine" would do for short, and it stuck. I find it's useful online because adding it to other names means I've never had to settle for something with a string of non-meaningful numbers after it.
since i couldn't use my usual user name (nickywicked), i chose my dungeons and dragons character's name, sleep, which comes from the charm spell; a basic spell that puts creatures to sleep.

sleep the dreamer
Got it of a damn name generator. And I clearly stated I'm a male for crying out loud...
I wont onto this website, which is an elvish name generator, all I did, was put my name and last name, in the female part, and presto... I got my name, when I looked up its meaning I found out its meaning was very pleasant it means Queen Elven-fair... interesting, so ever since I found that website and my elvish name I have been using it alot as an alias to bug my friends for the past 3 years ^^
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