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hi im dwarf guy. i read the hobbit wen i was 9 and i later read lotr. i got a bunch of books about tolkien and middle-earth and that helped me understand more things about tolkien and his world. now im reading the silmarillion and its realy interesting. so..........that's pretty much it
Hey there Dwarf Guy, it is good to see a few dwarves about the place. Welcome to our humble Planet, please ask any questions if you feel the need to, and if you have a good idea for discussion, purely create it in the appropriate place. Welcome again, and see you in the threads
Heya :wavehelloBig Smile Smiliewarf guy
Welcome to our happy family Dwarf Guy. Happy Elf Smilie I hope to see your posts around often.

Feel free to ask any questions you like, but please try to add them to an existing threads (topics) that are similar or about the same character, subject, book, or movie.
Hail! Dwarf guy. I was wondering... do dwarf gals really exist?
No, dwarves just popped up out of the ground.

In fact, it was a popular Elven sport to smash them back into the ground with a hammer as they popped up as quickly as possible.
Well, Vir, you're a liar! You should've been an Elf instead of a Man, then!