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Mae Govannen all good peoples. My name is Aelinmir, a half-elven from Eryn Lasgalen. If any one knows anything more on the royal family of my lord Thranduil please do not hesitate to email me @
welcome my friend!I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do.your's in fellowship
Wow, I can't beleive it took me this long to welcome you! I have really been missing stuff here...Welcome to PT!! feel welcome to join in any conversation that looks interesting--We don't bite! Make yourself at home Aelinmir!
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien and our happy family Aelinmir. Happy Elf Smilie I don't know much about your namesake's family other than the King has a son named Legolas and a butler named Galion.

Share and enjoy!

(That's weird, I normally don't miss new threads, especially brand new ones and as I'm not the only one, this thread must have fallen in a time loop and just found its way out today.)
I thought I saw this thread before and then didn't, but maybe I was just dreaming.
A very warm welcome and I hope you grow to love this forum and the gracious creatures that inhabit it as much as me.
I too saw this thread a while back, but as it has a title that has been used before, I thought that it was an older thread *slaps forehead*

Belated welcome friend, enjoy your stay, Legolas's Grandaddy was Oropher (just to add) but I don't remember that much. Welcome!
Heya Aelinmir Waving Hello Smilie WELCOME TO PT Smile Smilie Hope to see you around in the threads Smile Smilie SHARE AND ENJOY
Welcome to PT, Aelinmir.
I hope that you find much within this site to stimulate your interests in our great professor and his magnificent creation.
We are very happy that you have decided to join our PT family!
Aye...i may be late, but nontheless.. Welcome to PT Aelinmir!!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie I hope you enjoy your stay with us here, and more importantly, i wish you do STAY here on PT!! Orc Smiling Smilie
I'll be the first guy without a face to welcome you. Don't let it scare you away.
I also don't have a face and am not scary Smile Smilie Welcome! I'll look forward to reading your posts!