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Hi everbody!

guess what! I got in touch with Val again and suddenly I was overpowered with memories of the good old PT. It's been about 3 years, I guess. I wonder how many of you still remember me.
Warm regards to all of you!
Gnamps xxx
Welcome back.

I wonder how many of you still remember me.

I do. You're from Belgium, right?
Gnampie! Welcome back! Orc Smiling Smilie
Thank you!
Yes Vir, I'm from Belgium and if I remember well, you're from Belgium too, right?

With those two little girls of mine, I don't have that much free time. But I will try to visit PT more often.
Hi Gnampie. i don't know you as i joined Pt last year but i wish you a warm welcome back home. Wink Smilie Waving Hello Smilie
Welcome back,
It will be thrilling to get to know you, I have been here less than six months. I have longed to get to know those who were here before. Vir calls it the gold old days or something. Sad Smilie
You are from beautiful Belgium, and you say Vir is from Belgium as well. Oh that opens up new vistas for me.
Say Vir, you aren't related to TinTin are you ? Smile Smilie ( I love that guy, I want to see the museum)
Gnampie, any friend of Val's is a friend of mine. Welcome back!
Welcome back to our Ant Lady who knows almost all there is to know about our little picnic friends. Happy Elf Smilie
Have you given up academic life in favor of your children's nurture, or have you been able to adjust your life to balance between the two sets of little ones?
Thank you all for the warm welcome! I'm looking forward to learn more about the new members here.

The gold old days............. Yeah, those were good days. And I really miss Plastic, Eryan, Tommy, Val and so many others. Very Sad Smilie
It always felt like coming home to Rivendel.Happy Elf Smilie

Grondy, it's true I studied ants at the university. But when I first joined here, I was working with computer models predicting air pollution. Now I still work at the same institute, but now I study pollution in the human body. Very interesting!
Good to see you around here, Grondy! I missed you too! Animated Wink Smilie
It is so great to see you again.Smile Smilie
Two little girls, now. Very nice indeed.

Just a bit more of Gnampie trivia: She was one of the contributors to Planet-Tolkien's "Tolkien Biography".

I am looking forward to seeing you around the site again.
Rednell!!! Hi! How are you!
So nice to 'see' you again! Waving Hello Smilie

Gosh, I really missed this place!

Yes, two girls indeed. four and two years old. They get along very well and are very active. Also my oldest daughter has a very active social life. Lot's of parties and friends over to play. There's not much personal time left for me. I still have four kerr-books waiting for me to read.
Heya GnampieSmile Smilie Welcome back Smile Smilie It's good to see that earlier members find their way back to PT
I can see why 've missed it
Hope to learn much from you and it's so nice to read what you tell about the girlsSmile SmilieSee you around
in the threads
Welcome back! Big Smile Smilie
Oh, Oh, 42!!!! How are you? It is great to see you, too!
Jumping Flame Smilie Pixie Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie
Hiya Gnampie, nice to see you back and 42 as well. It looks like a lot of the old gang ais beginning to drift back to the best website on the web, with the best friends that we could have ever made. Hi, Nell. I have really missed youl