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Hi guys, just thought I would say hi. My name is James and I am 24 and from the UK. Tolkien was something of an obsession for me in my teenage years (I read LOTR 9 times in a row when I was 13!). I have kinda neglected it for a few years now (I blame the ale and pipeweed!!), hope to hang out here and have a few discussions. I am afraid I have never tried to learn any of Tolkiens languages, I struggle enough with English!! I have read everything on Middle-Earth apart from the histories of middle-earth, I started to read them but found the alternative narratives a bit disturbing!
Welcome and well met! Hope you find PT to be everything you are looking for. You should certainly meet many new friends who will help you along your way.

Hello Merrys mate, welcome to Planet-Tolkien. Happy Elf Smilie I hope to read your future posts in the forum.

Share and enjoy.
WELCOME Merrys mateWaving Hello Smilie Welcome to PT .I'm glad you found your way to us
Hope to learn much from you .I'm looking forward to see you in the threads Smile Smilie
Welcome Pippin aka Merry's Mate Orc Smiling Smilie to Planet-Tolkien... We are always looking for fresh new blood...... I mean members Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

Read and Learn, Write and Share!
Hullo, Merry's mate! I hope that I am lucky enough to become your mate here on PT. Have fun and be sure to stop in to ye olde Khazad-Dumish Inn (in the RP guild) for a tankard of Gimli's Finest, though I think I am taking Grondy's line from him as he is usually the one to invite everyone there, but anyway...welcome!!! (Talk about confusing...)
Welcome, James! It's never too late to come back to Tolkien! We all kinda drift in and out of it through our lives, but we eventually come back to Middle-Earth...