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Hi, I am i_love_faramir, but you can call me Sarah. I came upon this website through the wonders of Google. One thing you need to know about me is that I am madly in love with Faramir, and am prepared to fight anyone who tries to take him from me. I have been a LOTR fan since 2003, when I watched the first movie. As to the books, I have finished FOTR, and am almost done with TTT. When I finish TTT, I plan to read ROTK and then The Hobbit.
Hello and Welcome Sarah, no need to worry about your obsession about Faramir, it's not new, I think we have a couple of members like that (no need to worry, they love other character's Orc Smiling Smilie ) Enjoy your stay in our little Planet...

Read and Learn, Write and Share...
WELCOME TO PT Sarah Waving Hello Smilie I love Faramir too but I want start a figth with youBig Laugh Smilie I love his personality ..anyway I'm glad you decided to join usSmile Smilie SHARE AND ENJOY..Hope to see you in the threads Smile Smilie
Welcome to our happy family Sarah, she who loves Faramir. Happy Elf Smilie I hope to see lots of your posts here in the forum. Check for "Faramir" under our Characters Section and also do a search for him.
Yes a very warm welcome to you Sarah. As Grondy says we are a happy family, although since our dear Cloveress researched our genetics and we found out to whom we belong, many of us are a little at sea over it all. But nonetheless do come and stay a long long time.You just might fall in love .............with everyone and everything.