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Wink SmilieJust saying hi to everyone.
Haven't really used anything like this before, but then again never really had a topic I wanted to chat with others about!
Am afraid I am well and truly hooked on Middle Earth and glad to see am not alone!
So this looks like a good site but am not really sure what do or how to spend my newly acquired riches!
Hello, Cariadlily!
You stumbled onto the best Tolkien site on this earth. Congratulations. As for the mithril accumulation, you may spend it on a change of location for your self, but that's about it these days...say you have your PT self originating from Lothlorien, well you can change to Edoras or what have you, if you'd like. It used to be that it would also cost you mithril to send private messages to other PT members, but now that service is free. Anyway, if you have any other questions or want to participate in any of the threads in the forum, feel free to do both. You are truly welcome here. Also, if you would like to have some pointers on website navigation, there are Council Members who will be glad to help you, apart from us regular types. Happy posting and once again, welcome! Smile Smilie
Heya Cariadlily Waving Hello Smilie A warm welcome to you at PT. I'm happy that you choose to join our happy family Smile Smilie I'm looking forward to see you around in the threads Smile Smilie SHARE AND ENJOY
A warm welcome Cariadlily and might I say that is a lovely name. This is truly a home away from home, a safe place, richly furnished with fine minds and good conversation. And I myself have learned so very much from others, so I might add it is educational in a most exciting way.
Hope you love it as well. Smile Smilie
It's good to see a fresh face. Sometimes, to me at least, it seems we run out of things to talk about. Perhaps we'll get a good rundown again. Looking forward to see you more!

Say, where's Vee? I'd have thought she'd have been the first here. Did I miss something while I was gone?
tidings ,folks here am , a .grizzled old dwarf .i have not much but you can share what i have all i ask is some guidance in this strange place,i'll leavu to decide what is to be done with me.choose wisely friends.
Howdy Mimzahd, from one elderly Dwarf to another, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie

Share and enjoy!
Welcome to Pt Mimzahd the old I hope you will enjoy your time with us Smile Smilie I'm really looking forward to see you in the threads
And if you want to.. you are most welcome to stay in Moria with the some of the other dwarfsHappy Elf Smilie
Hi everyone! Waving Hello Smilie
This is the first time I am introducing myself on a site Happy Elf Smilie
I just like the movies from the Lord of The Rings a lot and I would like to chat with other elves (or hobits, orcs, whatever Big Smile Smilie )
My name is Alatariel (Ellen), 100% elf.
Hope I'll understand this site in a while, it's all new, you know Smile Smilie
Nice to meet you Alatariel, please enjoy your stay here on our small yet large planet...

Are you sure you're and elf 100%? I bet you have a smidgen of Dwarf in you Orc Smiling Smilie

Welcome also Mimzahd!!!
Hi Alatariel Happy Elf Smilie Welcome to Planet-Tolkien. If you have any questions check our Help/FAQ link in the menu above or just ask them; though it helps if you try to ask them in an existing thread with a similar topic if you can.

Share and enjoy!