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hello to everyone. my name is zephyr. im probablly not as dedicated or know as much as the people here but i have a high interest in tolkiens works. sadlly i learned about LotR from the movies, though my father read to me The Hobbit when i was a kid. one thing i loved about LotR is the language. may it be sindarin or quenya, i just fell in love with the words. LOL though i do know that sindarin or quenya can not be used for everyday speaking since Tolkien never inteded it to be used this way, my main focus on joining this site and forum is to learn how to write in tengwar/sindarin the proper way. sadly from where i am from i don't believe there are any shops that sell tolkiens books or organizations on tolkiens works. ^_^
Hello and welcome to PT, Zephyr! Waving Hello Smilie

There is a site where you can download a Quenya course, and learn to write and speak Quenya! It's quite good, I followed it for a while, but sadly I have now forgotten just about everything I learned. Ardalambion (click here)
oh... i thought that it was impossible to speak quenya? LOL what about sindarin? is quenya used more than sindarin?
It is impossible Smile Smilie

But that doesn't mean one cannot indulge in Neo-Elvish, indeed very many people do. Carl Hostetter explains it well at...

Elvish as She Is Spoke

The rest of E. L. F. is recommended too of course.
Lol, ok then. Learn to speak and write Neo-Quenya. We can't have the real deal, so this course is good enough and close enough for me. Wink Smilie
Welcome Zephyr, enjoy the site and good luck with learning what you can of the Eldarin lingos... We did have a dicussion group but sadly people do not have the time for it... so when I say Good Luck, I mean it Orc Smiling Smilie Vote for PT!
Welcome to our happy family Zephyr; I hope you will add a touch of fresh air as you name implies. Happy Elf Smilie

Share and enjoy!
WELCOME to PT Zephyr Waving Hello Smilie What a beautiful name Smile Smilie I'm looking forward to learn more about you in the threads Smile Smilie See you around mate
Amari’ - ^_^ shall do. LOL. which is used more, quenya or sindarin?

Elessar Loss’helin - thanks. ^_^

Grondmaster - ^_^ thanks, not many compliment me on my chosen name. LOL

Mellon - not much to know about me really. im just a simple person. im 20 years old and im from somewhere in south east asia. people say that for a 20 year old i still act like im 16. (is that a good thing or a bad thing? LOL) i used to skateboard, though i stopped last year ever since i had surgery. so since then i focused on magic (or should i say the art of illussion) ^_^. i always loved how magic mixes sleight of hand and psychology and you i get to manipulate the objects and how people see them. =p you can find out more of me on if your interested though i have not updated this in a few months.

thanks to you all. everyone seems friendly here. i have just one quick question. my real name is spanish which means free man, and its root would be the name francis. i saw somewhere that the translation fot this into an elven name would be mirinor/mirinoron? would any of you know if this is correct?
which is used more, quenya or sindarin?

If you mean used more by the Eldar of Frodo's day, then Sindarin. There were folk who knew Quenya of course but the living language was Sindarin. Quenya was used for high matters of lore and song, for example, but even the Exiles who brought High-elven to Middle-earth eventually spoke Grey-elven in daily use (well the actual history gets complicated in detail, but that's the very basic, quick version).

Noted Quenya name-maker Ales Bican suggests...

FRANCIS (m.) - the name seems to be related to 'French', 'France', I was puzzled with it, however I was suggested that it might mean 'free one'; mirima or l’ra "free", so Mirimon or L’ron, although it may be not correct, because the name is connected with a characteristic spear the Franks used

FRANCES, FRANCHESCA (f.) - feminine form of FRANCIS (q.v.), so Mirime or L’re

people say that for a 20 year old i still act like im 16. (is that a good thing or a bad thing? LOL)

I think that's a good thing !!! My kids keep me young and childish Smile Smilie I'm nearly 38 and mother of 4 wonderful kids though only two of them are addicted to Tolkien like myselfSmile Smilie
Good to see you around ,keep it coming