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Posted Wednesday 4th July 2007 (10:28pm)

Hi. I'm new here, too. I've been reading JRRT since the late '60's, and once my local library comes through with Sauron Defeated, or whatever it's called, I'll have read everything put out under his name. Not surprisingly, then, I loathed the movies. If only they'd hired John Boorman instead! One recommendation I can make to all of you is to get hold of Tolkien's letters; when the Lord of the Rings first came out in the '50's, before there was a Middle-earth cult, Tolkien spent a good deal of time providing thoughtful and lengthy answers to his readers, and they make fascinating reading. My favorite scenes in the books are Eowyn vs. the Nazgul and the chapter called The Voice of Saruman. Mly favorite character is Radagast, and if I could figure out how to start a new thread, I'd ask whether anyone else out there finds the inactivity of the Brown Wizard during the War of the Ring extremely puzzling. More later!

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Posted Wednesday 4th July 2007 (10:39pm)

Welcome to PT Aiwendil Waving Hello Smilie Good to have you abroadSmile Smilie I hope you enjoy your time with us Smile Smilie SHARE AND ENJOY
Howdy Aiwendil, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie

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Hello and Welcome to our community that is PT Aiwendil,

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Welcome Aiwendil, I see you have already been greeted by some of the sweetest here.
I hope you will stay and be as happy as I am Smile Smilie