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Hey every1!
My name's Imran AKA Aramorn. I love LOTR more than anything! With the exception of other great titles like Final Fantasy. I'm turning 15 next year on Valentine's Day and i'm really hoping 2 make some new friends. I'm always open 4 a chat so if any1 wants 2 hav a chat, plz email me at Hope 2 c u there!
From Imran AKA Aramorn
Hey Aragorn! Nice to see you here on our happy planet!
I'm afraid I shall have to express a difference in opinions with you on my welcome post, but I am sincere when I say that I think Final Fantasy is a load of rubbish compared to LOTR, but still, at least you had the sight to see LOTR as second-best... Smile Smilie

Welcome again, and hope to see you talk a bit more around here!

Heya Aramorn Waving Hello Smilie Welcome abroad to PT Smile Smilie Feel free to ask anything
See you around in the threads Happy Elf Smilie SHARE AND ENJOY
Hi Aramorn, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie

I thought Final Fantasy VII was a great game though I was never able to get Vincent on my team and thus couldn't win the game when I entered that northern volcano. I thought Neverwinter Nights and its sequels an even better game. Wiggle Smilie
Hey Cloveress, Mellon and Grondmaster,
Thanx 4 the message! I always luv a chat. btw Cloveress, i didn't say that Final Fantasy is the best. I just said is's just as great as LOTR. Also, can u have a instant message conversation in Planet Tolkien? And how do i send a message? Also how do i earn Mithril? And how do i add pplz 2 my buddy list? Plz answer my questions soon and could u plz add me 2 ur buddy lists? i don't have many. Write back soon!
From Imran
Hey again Smile Smilie Check out My Account .The council has made it easy and you get all the help you need Smile Smilie
HAHA Aramorn! I guess our differences are easily put aside, then! WELCOME!!!

Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Juggling Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie
Welcome Aramorn!

*gives a scone*
Welcome Aramorn! You've found a great place and people. Enjoy your journey. * offers some jam for that scone* Elf Smilie
Such hospitality puts me to shame, but at least I have the smileys to back me up.... see what a festive bunch we are over heree, Aramorn?