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Dear... dears,
Happy to be here once more. Use to be a member here about four years ago which seems like a long time now. I'm amazed that the forum survived and deeper still that there are familiar names.
Probably won't be able to keep up, but I will enjoy reading 'em threads just like the good ole' days.
Shoutout to you all.
Welcome back, Elda. Indeed, we are happy to see you here, as well. Jumping Flame Smilie
Welcome back Elda Smile Smilie I'm Mellon from Norway .Hope to see you arond
Yes a warm welcome back, I in turn long to get to know those who were here a long while ago.
It is a thrill to know you are one of these persons.
Enjoy your stay, I hope you are wrong and you will be here a long time. Smile Smilie
Hi Elda! Boy, you must be a REALLY old member here! Well, there's noting like talking to one of the Elders here! They carry the light of the old days with them. Wink Smilie So much has happened, but I'm sure you'll find out about everything sooner or later... Hahahaaaa! Anyways, I'm afraid I'm a rather new face to you, but I am Cloveres, or as I like to style myself, the Cloveress. And I haunt the planet now and then. So I hope you'll find my company pleasant.

So long, Elda!
Welcome back Elda, it's always nice to see another oldtimer return. Happy Elf Smilie

Welcome back, maybe you'll stay longer this time eh? Orc Smiling Smilie

Welcome back!