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Hello all. In this world, you can call me Brimmer. This old dwarf has been around and seen a thing or two, I'll tell you that and that's the truth.


In RL I'm David Rudy, also known as Aule at The Two Towers MUD. I'm an avid Tolkien fan - I suppose one must be to create and administer a multiplayer game based on Tolkien's work. My favorite aspect of Tolkien's works, starting with the Hobbit, has always been his use of maps. On T2T I went through a lot of effort to make sure the landscape was to-scale with his maps - Karen Fonstadt's Atlas of Middle Earth was invaluable in that effort. I've just recently read The Hobbit to my 3 year old daughter, she loves dragons and didn't like it when he got shot. Smile Smilie After reading it again after so many years I decided to look around and see what other Tolkien resources were on the web, and Planet-Tolkien looked large and active so here I am!
Welcome to our humble PT family, Brimmer. I am sure if you dig around the forums that you will, indeed, find some great treasures that would make a dragon green with envy.
We look forward to sharing some of your insight into the professors great works.

Welcome to PT BrimmerI'm glad you found your way to joun our family as wellSmile Smilie
I'm really looking forward to see you in some of the threads Smile Smilie SHARE AND ENJOY
Welcome! I'll look forward to your posts here Smile Smilie Please tell your daughter there are more dragons besides Smaug..
A very warm welcome. I hope you stay so long your little one joins one day!
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Brimmer. Happy Elf Smilie I see your T2T website has taken over our lead at the Tolkien Top 1oo webpage, well done.

Share and enjoy.
Thanks everybody for the welcome!

And Grondmaster don't worry, we're not really in a competition. Smile Smilie The forums over on T2T are used pretty exclusively to talk about game itself which is all on a fixed date of March 15th, 3019 TA and they're only open to players to post. Altho we do have lively Tolkien debates in the game sometimes, and a semi-regular Tolkien Trivia contest, our players tend to be more casual Tolkien fans rather than Tolkien scholars.
Well, I don't know if I could be called a Tolkien scholar, but I've joined the game, and got myself beaten to a bloody pulp already. Didn't take long for that to happen.

Welcome to Planet-Tolkien, mellon. :wave:
Welcome to PT!

T2T came out of nowhere in the poll... Seems that we should do some advertising in some places too Orc Grinning Smilie