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It is with great joy and pleasure that council wishes to announce our newest councillette. Amarie is the proud mommy of a beautiful baby girl!!!! Baby Girl Smilie Duck Smilie Baby Girl Smilie

Please feel free to use this thread to congratulate the PT's newest family. Jumping Flame Smilie Baby Girl Smilie
Pary Smilie

Details will be forthcoming.
Dear Amarie Smile SmilieWHAT WONDERFUL NEWS . Congratulations with your babygirlBaby Girl Smilie
I hope everything is well with both of you. Enjoy the wonderful time with your newborn
The lovely breath and smell of your little baby when you hold her in your arms .Your own little fairySmile Smilie
I'm sure you are a proud and caring mama.
All the best wishes from Mellon
Indeed, congra(t)/(d)ulations.
Cool Smilie Way to go new mama, child, and father! My best to your family. Happy Elf Smilie

And for heavens sake, Shaking Head Smilie don't forget and leave any of the fairies off the guest list, Deal Smilie especially that wicked one, unless of course you'd really like a lengthy sleep. Sleeping Smilie
especially that wicked one

You mean that one that hands out awards?
You mean that one that hands out awards?

No, Elf With a Big Grin Smilie the one with the surreptitious spinning wheel. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Amarie!!! I bless your newborn little princess with the gifts of beauty and song, and also with peaceful sleep, which is probably what you're going to be wishing for at 2 AM every night for the next year.

Ha! I'm so glad you're a mommy now! It must be all bright and active around your house these days! A September baby! They're usually gentle-hearted, by some strange observation of mine. May yours be so too!

Side note to Grondy and Vir:
And, no, I do not own prickly spinning wheels!
I've turned my attentions to poisoned apples instead
Very Evil Smilie
Aww... Thanks everybody. Smile Smilie

Little Emily Victoria is now 12 days old, and she is the bestest baby in the whole wide world (obviously). So far she sleeps for about 4 hours at the time, so we get to sleep most of the night.

I've put a few pictures on my website (the first update it has had in years) for those who wish to see. (Click on the link with her name) Amari’s site And I put up some pictures of our doggy Zorro. Yes, he's a Doberman. No, he's not an insane killer dog.
Again Ama Smile Smilie Congratulations to you and your hubbie .
Little Emily Victoria is indeed a sweet and lovely babygirlBaby Girl Smilie ENJOY the sweet time Smile Smilie