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Yes, indeed, I wish to be forever known here as "Twisted One"...I am a prolific reader of fantasy books, in addition to be being rather a World War II book buff, to boot. Rather odd combination, I suppose, but then, well, I'm not necessarily one of the more conventional folk you'll likely encounter on your fantasy travels; nigh hardly! Well, off I go now! I shall burrow my way into the lively and spirited discussion found here. May Gandalf's staff show you the light when need be...
And, well, Good day,
Twisted One
Warm Welcomes to you Mr. Twisted One... to Planet Tolkien Wiggle Smilie

Enjoy your stay here and see you around the threads Wiggle Smilie

Wasn't this Vee's most favourite smilie once upon a time? I remember lines and lines of it....

Wiggle SmilieWiggle SmilieWiggle SmilieWiggle SmilieWiggle SmilieWiggle Smilie
Welcome to our happy family Twisted-one. Happy Elf Smilie

I also read WWII books, but am not a fanatic as I lived through it as a child; but I also read American Civil War books as well as those about WWI. I think I've only read couple from the Korean conflict and none from 'Nam.
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien! But keep you out of my thistle patch!
Heya Twisted oneWaving Hello Smilie A warm welcome to you at PT Smile Smilie