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howdy all, some of you know me, been a member here for yonks, been a while and my account's been deleted... no worries. For those who don't know me I live in New Zealand, am a dairy farmer and have a step son of 11 and a wee lad of me own with my partner that's 15 months. Not really a Tolkien fan but enjoy the genre and the movies *Peter Jackson rules....(winks at Vir)* Anywho, that's me and rardy rardy rar, looking forward to catching up with yers all and havin a chin wag. Cheerio.
Welcome back, Rho! Still have you on my IM. Look forward to talking again when we both have the time. Take care.

I just love New Zealanders. And their accent. Especially the accent. It always sounds like they're happy. Smile Smilie
Hey Rho,
Long time, no see! How are you, old buddy, old friend?
Hope to catch on messenger sometime, stupid time zones make it challenging. Perhaps the next sleepless night.....
Take care and give hugs to the family for me.
Hey there mate Waving Hello Smilie Welcome back !! I don't know you but I'm glad you found your way back to PT
Hey guys thanx for the welcome, g'day Gandalf how's things?. hehe, yup our accent is part of what makes us Kiwis, that and the fact we're at the bottom of the world makes us appreciate our lil spot down here. Kia ora Mellon, what's happening mate?
Hey Nell, how are yea luv?, long time no see alright, was begining to think you'd dropped off the face of the earth or something. I'll keep checking IM we'll catchup sometime I'm sure, no worries.
Welcome back Rho. Happy Elf Smilie I thought you gave up on the cud chewers and left the farm to study towards a 9 to 5 gig, or didn't that pan out?
Hey Grondy, naw, you know how things go, the family dynamic changed, money got scarce, had to be realistic. Then the pay out per KG of milk solids went way way up, it just seemed the better option, a better family life, no's a good life.
Great! My best to you and your family Rho. Happy Elf Smilie