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I'm Firiel, I'm a Mirkwood Elf, whatever that means, and I'm new to the site.

This is a beautiful site. Smile Smilie
Welcome, Firiel.

This is a beautiful site.

I like it.
A warm welcome to our happy family Firiel Smile Smilie
I really hope you'll have a wonderful time with us Smile Smilie
Hugs from MELLON
Hey Firiel!
I'm Clover, always happy to help you if you need it.
Welcome to PT. It's a really great site that's become a second family to me.
May you feel the same warmth as I do.
Welcome to our happy family Firiel, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Happy Elf Smilie
Hello newcomer, and welcome to PT! May you have a great time on this site! (I know i have!) Big Smile Smilie