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Hello, all! I'm a newbie fan. I'm building my own little hobbit hole shed. Too fun! I'd love feedback and suggestions, so check it out at and recent pictures at

I'm going to go look around the site, now. Enjoy!
Interesting little project I must say.

I wish you good luck!
A lot of hard work, but it should be fun fitting it out with a potbellied stove, a recliner, ice chest, and electric lights for reading the books on the shelves on those cool summer evenings. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Oh yes and you'll be wanting mosquito netting too, or is its function merely that of a potting or storage shed? And don't forget a little yellow, green, brown, and red paint to spruce it up a bit.

Anyway, good luck and enjoy your Hobbit Hole. Happy Elf Smilie
Interesting project Restelle, it will probably look alot better once the grass or fireweed you spoke of starts to come out a lushious green... Might I suggest a green paint for the door, like our eleventy-one year old Hobbit Bilbo Orc Smiling Smilie The carving on the design for the door is really well done... *takes hat off to the artist* Smile Smilie
I love your Hobbit Hole! What a great project Smile Smilie I have an accumulation of miniature furnishings for a miniature hobbit hole but not the actual hole itself.