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Ihimiri,the Witch-Queen is my Forum name,but don't let that put you off takling to me.My name's Emma really.I live in Australia.I have been a Tolkien fan for two years, I read the books after seeing the trilogy on DVD.My sister and my brother introduced me to Tolkien and the movies and the books. I have something wonderful to share with all Forummers.I don't think I'd be welcome at the Council of Elrond-it would suit a Black Rider like me (yeah,I love the creepy,menacing Black Riders and I love cats as well-a lady who lives alone can be thought of as being a Sorceress).I'd be more for the massing of the allies of the Dark Lord Sauron! Where is he? Don't mind the morbidness of me! I love being morbid and evil!
Ihimiri,the Witch-Queen.
Hello, Witch Queen, and welcome to PT. I'm sure you will enjoy yourself here through our discussions, games or trivias. Have a nice stay,

Welcome *screech* Ihimiri *screeeeech* to Planet-Tolkien *screeeeeeeech*

Could it be that this fluffy Nazg’l has gained a partner in crime, deep and evil laughs and all things dark?

Now I can finally show those pesky little Dwarves whos boss... (They seem to pick on this friendly Nazg’l often) Wiggle Smilie

*Leaves with a blaring, fading screech* Orc Smiling Smilie
Welcome to our happy family Ihimiri Happy Elf Smilie We won't hold being a creepy witch against you, it takes all kinds to make up Planet-Tolkien.

Share and enjoy!
greetings from the elves of PT Smile Smilie
Feel free to join in on our awesome RPG threads Big Smile Smilie