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Hi! It may look odd, but I love light, although my name suggests other. The name has been given to me and I kind of got used with it. Mirkwood is place to meet both light and shadows, as the shadow can not exist in the darkness, but trough the light. And so I like darkness for it is pure. People often consider darkness as evil. People often consider the Unknown also evil. Gandalf gives a good speech to Frodo in Moria, and I am not sure if I could quote here, but I will interpret here as: ’We shall not judge those we do not know only for them being different. No one is wise enough to see all fades of fate.’ So this is what I would like to be- one that does not speak without knowing the meaning of what is to be spoken.
May the stars shine upon your steps!
although my name suggests other.

It does?
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien Ammornel, may our light shine on your darkness. Happy Elf Smilie
Greetings Smile Smilie
Hope you enjoy your stay whit us Big Smile Smilie
Hello and Welcome Ammornel!

Enjoy your stay here on our Planet, and do not worry, it always shines here, well mostly Orc Smiling Smilie, as our Planet does not have a sunset or sunrise, for we have no sun, it's just us Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

I think what he/she means Vir, is that her name translates into something dark. I think 'mor' is translated into black or dark, like 'Mordor' is 'Black Land'. We may need Galin here on this, or Ammornel can explain Happy Elf Smilie
Ammornil is a Quenya name. It comes from a superlative form meaning "the darkest one" or "the most dark". It is common name for a group, that later evolves in Moredel (the Dark elves, but those tempted and twisted by the Evil side of one's nature, not those refused the call of Valinor) (see "Legends of the Riftwar" by Raymond Feast, William Forcecan, Joel Rosenberg and Steve Stirling). My friends gave me that name for the purpose of a game we used to play as kids and it kind of represents me.
Thanks for the warm wellcome. I hope to make friends here and to be able to share the small knowledge I have in Tolkien's world with others. Thanks a lot!
hello and welcome to PT Ammornel...! of course PT is a good place to enjoy,to make new friends......
hi i am a fanof c.s lewis,j.r.r tolkien and other things do you want too be buddys