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I am new to the site, this being my first day visiting it.
I am a bit of a writer, when I can find the time, my latest work being a world setting for a Dungeons and Dragons game. I find myself fascinated by the Elves in Tolkiens work and have even visited a few sites, and found a few books, on the study of the Elvish language.
Anyway, My user name here is Manveru which is supposed to be an Elvish translation of my name, Michael. You can call me Mike, Michael, or Manveru.

I hope to find more fascinating things here from the world of Tolkien, and maybe find some more ideas for my writing and games.
I am looking forward to making many new friends here, and will see you all on the boards and in the chat.

Your Elf friend,
Mae tollen, Manveru!

I am kind of a newbie here too, but I can assure you here is the greatest place for fiction I have visited on Earth. And I have quite some experience in looking for such places. I would like to know more about your ways in fictional art and gaming. Please share more about it.

Please vote for PT (Planet Tolkien) in Tolkien Top 100.

Please visit and say hi in the Elven Guild. There you can ask about everything regarding elven life and knowladge, as well as share your own ideas.

---Harya alasse!
As far as gaming goes. I have been an avid online chat/forum based role-player since the age of 16. I have somewhat recently grown in interest in tabletop gaming, and since have started the work of my own world.
As far as writing, I was a professional writing major for one semester. Then I fell in love and got married. Now it is more or less a hobby. I like to write fiction mainly fantasy based and some poetry.
I will have to pop in on the Elvish guild here soon, but as for right now it is time for me to prepare for my journey of 12 hours of factory work.
Take care and I hope to hear from you again soon.
Sounds like "Story of my own life". We may have more in common than you think. I'll be waiting to see you in the guild.

Do well!
Welcome to our little Planet, Manveru. Waving Hello Smilie
Hi Manveru, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie If you haven't yet found it, be sure to check out our Writers Guild.

Share and enjoy! Wiggle Smilie
hello Manveru
welcome to PT Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Velcome to PT Smile Smilie Share and ENJOY
A very warm welcome. share, share , share your thoughts and feelings and we will with you.
This truly is the very best of places, and I would not trade it for anything.