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Right so my other account is still disabled and I did send an email to the staff and even sent one to virumor but to no effect. Which is good though as I'd like to start a new, without the old crap hanging on me.

This is me, the new and improved Aul’.

So, where do I start? Well let's just say that I don't expect any of ye to really remember me, except a select few that I interacted with quite a lot. I am now 22 years of age, got no real future going for me as I lost my job and I am living on my friend's couch.
Recent years have seen my reading turn into scrap and been replaced with videogames and some addictive genre called rhythm games, more specifically the "Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero" franchises.
But the recent months that I've been out of work, I have grown extremely bored of it and have put all my time into my guitar and music, creating and such. Music is the biggest part of my personality, it's my passion and I can't go a single day without a dosage of at least 2 hours of continous music.
Now I have gone through alot of crap, went borderline alcoholic last Christmas but "snapped out of it" before it went beyond the edge. I've undergone major depression and become quite cynical when it comes to dating and such.
All is not bad though, I've had a lot of good stuff happen to me since my first departure from this place. I've become an uncle to the most precious angel to grace this earth and now this September I am going to be an uncle again but to my other sister's child.
I'm currently working on a "song" dedicated to my first niece, she is my muse for everything good in my life. I am gonna go back to school, hopefully this fall, after having worked for about 3-4 years.
There are some few other things that I could put in, but that can be found out by conversing with me instead.

Let me just end this with a wish for a second chance from the Mods here and for all of you to just accept this new dude, even if he's had past experience here.

Peace be with y'all!
P.S. Hey y'all! Didn't really give out that except in the title haha.
Welcome and well met! May you always find the friends here you have always wanted to find. And give Virumor a chance. He will help you if he can.

badger???? !!!! that really you?
greetings Smile Smilie
Music is a huge part of my life as well... could say im a music addict :P
would love to hear your tunes sometime Smile Smilie
Good to see you, ol' Badger King. Pary Smilie

We WERE trying to get your account open again, honest! But the Boss with the key chain is hiding from us, probably working hard to earn the cash that keeps this web-planet from crashing into the sun. Plan B was to suggest you create a new account.

Perhaps plan B was the best one. It is good to see you as Aule_2.0. A nice, fresh start. Happy Elf Smilie
V’lkommen hem. Wink Smilie
@Tuesday: Yes indeed it is I. You just dropped from the face of the Earth yourself, so it's good to hear you are still alive and kicking it as only you can, hahaha.

@Amari’: Well I guess I beat you guys to the punch, ey? Thanks for welcoming me back and yes, this is the new less douchey Aul’ (who's got some more life experience to back up his talk haha).
I just went through alot of my old posts and I couldn't stop laughing, brought back alot of memories. It'll be fun to see who of the old peeps I used to talk to are around still. Smile Smilie Oh and I noticed the chat is gone, why is that?
Tack s’ m’ed f’r v’lkommandet! Big Smile Smilie

@dudes I never talked to before: Thanks for the greets and well wishes. We'll probably discuss some in the forums and such. I might be lurking for the most part presently but get back to active posting soon.

EDIT: REJOICE! My badger is back! Although I wanted some musical notes but this might be good as people may recognise me now.
Notice: The Planet-Tolkien Council can no longer provide a safe haven in our chatroom for our membership to converse; therefore the chatroom link has been removed for the duration. Our irc server(s) are playing politics; we've lost our channel ops and their bot; and most importantly we have no responsible adults who can spare the time 24/7 to properly monitor the chatroom up to the standard we require for the safety of the participants.
Welcome back Aule2 ! I don't think i know you from before but want to say I'm glad life is improving for you and congratulations on becoming an uncle ! I'm newly become a grandma and precious wee ones are wonderful.
Welcome! I think I recognize you from somewhere, put i can't quite pinpoint it. Big Smile Smilie
Heya Aule, how's it goin dude? course I remember you.
Tried going into Plastic squirrel the other day but it seems it's gone, oh well.
Welcome back Aul’. Happy Elf Smilie

Share and enjoy.
Welcome back, Aule. Sorry life has not been too good for you recently. Bad times generally pass though, and as long as we learn from them, we hopefully don't fall into the same mess again. I'm not around here as much as I used to be - in fact this is probably my first post in over a year, so don't be surprised if you don't see me around again for a few months. Whatever, I hope you enjoy your stay, and try not to wind up my fellow admins too much.