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Hey everyone...I'm new here so just wanted to introduce myself! I'm Elbereth and I'm 21...I love everything Tolkien and have read LOTR, Hobbit and Silmarillion at least 5 times each! I have a large collection of Tolkien (and Tolkien related) literature and I'm also building up quite a collection of memrobilia from the films too! Smile Smilie
G'day mate, welcome to PT, enjoy your stay.
Howdy Elbereth, welcome to our happy family. Happy Elf Smilie Feel free to join or start any discussions, but try to do so under the proper sections as it will make them easier to find.

Share and enjoy!
thanks guys Smile Smilie
Hello, Elbereth. Welcome to PT. You can drop in at the Khazad Dummish Inn to have a chat with us if you feel like it! Orc Smiling Smilie
Welcome! Welcome! Can I get you something... tee!?...perhaps..."

Welcome to PT, oh, shiniest and fairest of all Powers of the World! Big Smile Smilie
Tee?, does she play golf?..... Wink Smilie