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Hi, I just recently joined after I stumbled upon this page and realized this seemed to be a great Tolkien-site. Glad to be a member Smile Smilie

I'm a book fan and a movie fan of LotR, and I must admit I saw FotR before I read the books, but I've been reading as much as I can of Tolkiens work ever since Smile Smilie
Currently I'm re-reading LotR again but also making my way through HoME for the first time.
Welcome to PT. You will find a lot of interesting discussion here on most of the professor's work. Hope you enjoy your stay with us. And like yourself I too watched the movie before reading the book. Wink Smilie

If you need help just ask us Orc Grinning Smilie
Howdy Taraisilw’n, welcome to our happy family. Enjoy your stay with us. Happy Elf Smilie

Share and enjoy!