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Big Smile Smilie Hello, Just stumbled across this place on google, while researching orcs Orc Smiling Smilie . My Names Chris and I am a Huge fan of Lord of the Rings and I hope to meet some new friends on Planet Tolkein who share the same love of The Lord of the Rings. Just to say, I am currantly working on a lord of the rings fan film, if anyones interested, my link is below: The Lord of the Rings The Two Hunters Fan Film
G'day mate welcome aboard. Tis a tad quiet around here ATM, but hopefully things will get going again when the hobbit movie's come out. Enjoy your stay
Thankyou! Yes hopfully it shall...The Hobbit movie just seems to be so far in the future....I think the reales date for the first one is 2011! Oh well at least us lotr fans have Born of hope to keep us going.
Aye, was about to post the news but you beat me to it. Our old PC was rubbish so I never got around to seeing THFG but we've just purchased a cool apple-mac and I just watched it, really impressed, it looked quite good. Definitely influenced by PJs LOTRs yeah? Will be watching the next one for sure.
Howdy Elegost, welcome to our family, even if it is presently somewhat inactive. As the old saying goes, 'Cheer up, things could be worse.' Elf Winking Smilie

Anyway glad to meet you. Drop in to The Khazad-dumish Inn, read the sign, sing us a song, and enjoy our complimentary snack and libation.

Yeah Rho, definatly infulanced by PJs films. And thanks Grondmaster! I shall check out the Khazad-dumish Inn.
Welcome, to our humble home. A planet it is, but homey Happy Elf Smilie.

Enjoy your stay Elk Grinning Smilie
Thanks Loss Waving Hello Smilie , And thanks for the kind comment on my site Rho! Smile Smilie
I looked at your site, it's really interesting! And concerning the soundtrack, you could have easily fooled me that it's from LOTR.
Hi there Fornac Elf Winking Smilie Welcome to PT Smile Smilie SHARE and ENJOY