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Hi everyone
Hello Undomiel, welcome to Planet Tolkien! I'm a bit of a newbie myself, but here's a few tips and tricks around the PT website:
Try to keep on topic in individual threads.
You can Private Message (PM) any member by going to 'My Account', 'Messages', and 'Create New Message'.
PT is a place where people respect and like each other. Don't insult or be vicious to other members.
There's different places for different kinds of threads. Keep within them.
The Council are a group of members with administrative powers. Be nice to them! (Just kidding, they're all fun to be around).
And finally, in the words of Grondmaster, our most active and respected member, SHARE AND ENJOY!!!
Hi Undomiel! Welcome! Chat with us and please visit the games threads and the Khazad-dumish Inn Smile Smilie
Welcome! Welcome! I am glad to see another elf (elleth) around. I hope you'll like it the way most of us do!

Harya Alasse! (Have joy!)
Sorry ye all.Was caught up in some work so couldn't get to msging asap. So u guys ready for a quiz?
Welcome, always good to see another Elf.
I see you like quizzes, we can always do with more quizzical elves.
Until Grondy returns, you can try us with a few questions Happy Elf Smilie

Welcome and enjoy our humble Planet.
Welcome to PT Undomiel! I hope you will have a very good time here Waving Hello Smilie
Touche Big Smile Smilie
Who is Aegnor's lover?
Hey do msgs cost mithril?? I have lost a fortune back there tryng to get u guys replying to my trivia :boohoo:
Well, it's Andreth...

Andreth and Aegnor were lovers as in: they were in love with each other Smile Smilie
Zigackly. And who is Nimrodel's lover?
Amroth Highclimber.
Try and stay on topic here... This is a thread for greeting Undomiel, not for quizzing. Ask away on Trivia: Barad Dur or one of the many other quiz threads, if you want.
EDIT: Undomiel, you don't have to PM everyone for anything, just if you really need to get someone's attention, need someone to post on a thread, or alert someone to a fact. If a member wants to post in the quiz section, they don't need prompting.
Sorry Fornac. (Sour)Just kiddin.He he he.
Guys someone start off something or atleast respond to the forums for it is getting too stagnating.
This has been a fairly quiet site ever since the hype about the films calmed down about six years ago. You'll have to put up with it for now, but I hope that the two Hobbit films will galvanise this site into a frenzy once again!
HELLO Undomiel and Fornac.
As for this site being quiet, it need not be. this is a site to honor and talk about professor JRR Tolkien and his works. Whether any movie would have been made or not, it does not touch the author and all that he created and blessed the world with.
I could start with saying that even though I absolutely love all professor Tolkien's works, the one I most identify with would be the Children of Hurin. Just the raw grief and deep love and loyalty shown by some of the characters riveted me and touched my heart in a way no other work of prose has for a long long time.
Udomie (can I call you that)

Most of the General Discussion threads are boring, go on One of These Three Threads and its fun.

Or don't bother with them 3, and use this AWESOME one instead.
Why don't you try the polls? :-)

I would go for Beren and Luthien's tale, Leelee. Liked how "her grief was more than theirs" and the fact that she gave up her immortality for a mere mortal when she could've had almost anyone. It was that or a parting beyond the world.

And Leelee, reading some of your forum entries and your journal entries I can see that you are a writer and a good one at that. Can you send in more of your Tolkien related stories? Would love to read it.

There was this prize winning entry in a story writing competition. I was meaning to comment on that therein but could not do so. It would be good if someone could pass on the message to the writer for me on the story board. The writer's name is Rian_Ithilmir
Message him yourself. You get 20 Mithrill a day, and a message is 6 Mithrill by itself. (Max) What is his species and stuff? compare his to yours using the link in the FAQ to work out how much it is. (Weather, Distance and Normal price. Maximum 6 Mithrill, unless you are a hobbit writing to Mordor or Far-Harad or somewhere stupid.)
A warm welcome to you Undomiel Elf Winking Smilie
Thanks to you Eru and to you to Mellon friend.
Well I like things going on, only I am a bit short of time. But two are already a company right! Keep being active. The best ways: post questions, create polls, get involved with the trivia and RPG. I remember when I joined this place a year ago... It was so much fun back there... And it still is!
That's what I'm doing and having fun doing that. Wouldn't it be better if points, sorry, mithril were awarded for roping in newbies to PT?? Just a suggestion. Thought it worth a thought.
That would lead to fake accounts.
Isn't there a way to check them at all :-(
To check your mithril, go into my Account, then scroll down. There is a thing saying 'X read messages and X unread messages' or whatever, and under that it says your mithril. Go into my account and 'Edit Profile' to scroll down for place change and stuff.