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Hi Big Smile Smilie I am Ashwyn Laurelwin! I actually made that one up by myself......I like to make up stories especially involving elves and middle earth (duh) and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what to use as a unique feminine elvish name! Then as I was walking (pacing Dunce Smilie ) I see my grandma emptying her ashes pail and it hit me! I really wanted something with wyn on the end and so I put two and two together! Ashes......wyn.......Ashwyn! And THEN since I couldn't be satisfied with that alone I wanted to add something.....interesting to the end. Laurelwin oddly enough just came to me so there was no deep thinking needed for that one Ha Ha Ha Smilie So after boring you with all this useless information on the origins of my elvish name I shall present you with a random poem I made up of Ashwyn's coming through middle earth Big Smile Smilie

One spring morn to the Shire she came,
A fair elvish lass, a warm-hearted dame,
Then with guide she left and travelled afar,
Through many lands under sun and star,
And all who met her firmly agree,
Never such a fair maid did ever they see,
And so since her beauty made all stop and stare,
She became known as Ashwyn Laurelwin the fair.

Wow that's not too bad......I actually made another one that's slightly better then this but I can't remember where it is so this is just the rough copy :P Well sorry for boring you with long introductions! I love LOTR and am sooooooooo glad I found this site Big Smile Smilie
Mae govannen, welcome to Planet Tolkien, Ashwyn! I wish you a long and happy stay here. It all may seem a little daunting at first, but here's a mini-guide to get you started:
’ There are different types of forum for different subjects. The one you posted on is for greeting newcomers, as you found out, but there are also ones for discussing the books/movies, the website in general, polls, Tolkien-related trivia, games, posting your own stories and poems (as you seem to be good at), and many other things that I can't think of at the moment. You can even create your own character and journey through Middle-Earth with other members in a Role-Playing Game (RPG). Drop in at the Khazad-Dumish Inn, or go on a more dangerous adventure in A Dark Threat from the North or Eruheran's Quest, the three active RPGs at the moment.
’Editing your account: You can change different features of your PT account through 'My Account' (top left on menu bar). You can upload an avatar (picture when you post, must be 70 by 70 pixels and must be in .gif format), change your personal info, view updates on PT, and send Private Messages (PMs) to other members if you want to alert them about something. However, it does cost mithril (20 pieces of which you get when you login each day). It depends where this member lives in PT (I, for example, live in Osgiliath, and you in Lothlorien, so it'll cost something along the lines of 5 pieces to send). It costs 400 mithril to change your location.
’Under some members' avatars you may see a little black box with 'Council Member' written on it in white letters. They are a part of the Council for being old and distinguished PT members (hope I didn't just offend anyone - hee hee) and have administrative powers, meaning they can edit other people's posts if they go against website rules (we are a Family Friendly website, so no swearing or profanity please).
Phew! Hope I've covered all the important stuff. To finish, I'll quote Grondmaster (a.k.a Grondy, Council Member, something in the region of 25'000 posts under his belt, off sick at the moment) and say: Share and Enjoy!
Hello Ashwyn! Welcome to PT! I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself very much here! Waving Hello Smilie

PS: Drop by at the Khazad Dumish Inn sometimes. Most of us are hanging there at the moment. We have only one requirement. All new customers must sing a song or a poem Wink Smilie
Welcome, welcome to our humble PT. Hope you have a wonderful time!! Big Smile Smilie
Welcome ! I hope you join in the conversation and games!
Welcome. Have a Tenner.
Gives Ashwyn a Tenner
Big Smile Smilie Thanks guys and Hello to all of you!! I'll be sure to stop by the Khazad-dumish inn. And thanks for being so helpful! It's awesome to have found such a great Tolkien website! My friends haven't read the books so I can't really talk to them about it, so this is awesome!
Thanks again everyone!!!
No problem. Always nice to have new and active members around Big Smile Smilie.
EDIT: I like your avatar, Ashwyn!
Big Smile Smilie Thanks Fornac! I spent like two hours trying to find one I liked that meant the requirements and I thought this one was cool Cool Smilie
Edit: Btw I like yours too Fornac Big Smile Smilie
Edit:Edit: I changed it to a blue eye now since Ashwyn has blue eyes. What do you think?
Welcome to our humble abode Ashwyn. Always good to have another elf join us.
Hello and welcome, Ashwyn. Waving Hello Smilie

Your first avatar was pretty cool, but I think this blue one suits you better. It's more elf-like in my opinion. A bit mysterious, calm and very beautiful. Happy Elf Smilie
Big Smile Smilie Thanks! That's kinda what I thought too but I wasn't completely sure.
Hello and Welcome Ashwyn.
I see the weather is not quite sunny yet at the moment in L’rien... (Start with some idle chit-chat about the weather Ha Ha Ha Smilie )
.Anyway, I hope you stay in our Planet for a lengthy time and enjoy each minute.
I like you avatar too, but it reminds me of an old one back in the beginning of the dark days of Grep Orc Grinning Smilie. I suppose only Ama would remember and other long-time members. Didn't it used to be Rho's?
Welcome once again Ashwyn Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie.
Yeah, I do recognize it from some older post.... but don't remember who. Still, nice pic.
Welcome to PT Ashwyn laurelwin the fair
Hope you'll enjoy your stay here Smile Smilie
Yes, the avatar has been used before, but I can't remember who used it. (Sorry mystery member, it seems we remember your "face" but not your name... Orc Sad Smilie ) It shouldn't be a problem unless he/she comes back though.
Looking back over some old KDI pages, and I saw that it belongs to Rue auburn. But as you say, it shouldn't be a problem unless she returns.
It's Rue! Of course! I knew I should have known who it was!

It can be hard to find an image which is 70x70, but we in the council can help to resize just about any image to avatar size. Just e-mail the picture to and one of us will help you out. Happy Elf Smilie
cool! that would be awesome! If I find a better one I'll do that. Thanks Big Smile Smilie