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Hello, I'm a new member just joined today. It will be nice to chat to other fans and get to know more about Tolkein Smile Smilie
hello.i just joined.this is great.already made my 1st journal entry.looking to add more buddiesSmile Smilie
Hello and Welcome Alyratwofoot and Odette to our humble Planet.

Take a look at some of our older threads, we have quite a history on PT, but you'll soon get in the know as you become fellow and long-term Tolkieniers. Or suffer Tolkienitis? Don't we have a term used for us? PT-ers? I'm not sure, it changes over the years Big Smile Smilie.

We hope you stay for a long time, and if you don't, we may have to steal your Mithril I.
Howdy guys
Hello! I hope you will both jump in with both feet and join us in conversation and games!
oh yeah..u bet!Smile SmilieLoss sounds like my mum.tolkienitis..ha ha.
Welcome, Alyratwofoot and Odette!
May the light of the stars never fade upon your paths and the cold fingers of the shadow never set touch upon your faces!

Nai i estelyar maar nar! Harya Alasse! (May your faiths be good! Have joy!)
Welcome to our happy family Alyratwofoot and Odette; I hope to see you in the threads. Happy Elf Smilie

Share and enjoy!
Welcome to the family!

Share and Enjoy as Grondy put it! Big Smile Smilie
Welcome Alyratwofoot!! Have fun here in PT, there's plenty of nice people here and lots of fun thread! Waving Hello Smilie