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Your average sixteen-year-old girl here. Saw LOTR at the age of 8 and has been a devoted fan ever since. The Silmarillion is my Holy Bible, Feanor, Melkor and Sauron- my Holy Trinity, for I hold a rather heretical view of Tolkien's work. The Professor's work seems to have a life of its own, therefore many of the characters under closer inspection demonstrate a mind of their own, a personality so strong, that it may drag innocent souls such as mine down the path of freethought and Tolkienean heresy...
I also like philosophy, physics, astronomy, good literature and Mudkips. I've had some recognition in the fields of math and mathematical linguistics, but I very much wish to achieve more. I also like staring at Bammes' work blankly.

So... I hope we lead many ferocious discussions here. Jumping Flame Smilie
Welcome to the site! Waving Hello Smilie
Here's a guide that I previously wrote in another thread to help get you started on Planet Tolkien.
’ There are different types of forum for different subjects. The one you posted on is for greeting newcomers, as you found out, but there are also ones for discussing the books/movies, the website in general, polls, Tolkien-related trivia, games, posting your own stories and poems, and many other things that I can't think of at the moment. You can even create your own character and journey through Middle-Earth with other members in a Role-Playing Game (RPG). Drop in at the Khazad-Dumish Inn, or go on a more dangerous adventure in A Dark Threat from the North or Eruheran's Quest, the three active RPGs at the moment.
’Editing your account: You can change different features of your PT account through 'My Account' (top left on menu bar). You can upload an avatar (picture when you post, must be 70 by 70 pixels and must be in .gif format), change your personal info, post Journal entries, view updates on PT, and send Private Messages (PMs) to other members if you want to alert them about something. However, it does cost mithril (20 pieces of which you get when you login each day). It depends where this member lives in PT (I, for example, live in Osgiliath, and you in Lothlorien, so it'll cost something along the lines of 5 pieces to send). It costs 400 mithril to change your location.
’Under some members' avatars you may see a little black box with 'Council Member' written on it in white letters. They are a part of the Council for being old and distinguished PT members (hope I didn't just offend anyone - hee hee) and have administrative powers, meaning they can edit other people's posts if they go against website rules (we are a Family Friendly website, so no swearing or profanity please).

And most of all, enjoy PT! Big Smile Smilie
Good to see a fellow elf at any rate :P Be it of the Silvan. Mae govannaen.
Hello Nai kotumo ar nilmo. Welcome to our happy family. May we call you Nai? Happy Elf Smilie
hello NaiSmile Smiliei am crazy about math too.see you in the threadsSmile Smilie
G'day there and welcome.....crikey as a school drop out I'm starting to feel out of place here...
Welcome to the PT. Try out the game threads (Trivia-Barad Dur and Character Elimination Game. There is others, but they are rubbish) and the RPGs.

And don't vanish like all the recent new people have.
I think she already has Eru!!
Not really, but what's wrong with this place? Several hundred people online every minute and no more that 3-4 posts a day?...
More than 3-4, around 60 posts a day.
Maybe 15. But Nai, the vast majority of those people are visitors, and since the excitement about the films has long since died down there are only around 20 or so active members.
But it'll pick up again when the Hobbit films hit the screens!
Eru, my confusion may be because although some forums are extremely active, others get too little attention. OH well. Waiting for the Hobbit fans to come flooding. That won't satisfy us Silm freaks tho.
Call me Cheza, not Eru. Smile Smilie
Welcome Nai! I hope you like it here!