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Hi. I suppose it's a bit odd to post in 'introductions' after having posted already some days ago - (but then JRR never made an inaugural lecture himself; as he ruefully noted in his Valedictory address delivered in 1959, he was then about 34 years too late). My name's geordie. (I don't know where the capital 'g' came from in my name here on PT). I'm sorry I've been a bit tardy since my initial posts, but I've been having a look round some parts of the site. I've been reading books by and about Tolkien for over thirty years now; never stopped, really. My main interests are bibliography (I'm a collector, and I love talking about the books and their variant editions. it's fun. Yes, it is!) - And art by Tolkien himself, and by others. And Tolkien's biography. Fascinating. I look forward to joining in discussions on these, and other topics. I love to 'talk Tolkien'.

Welcome to PT, geordie! I have been, very much, enjoying your discussions in the threads and look forward to many more. Smile Smilie

Hello geordie! A warm welcome to PT from me as well. Smile Smilie I too have enjoyed your posts and I'm looking forward to read more. 

You could try to edit your username under Account - Edit profile. 

Hello geordie welcome to the best Tolkien related site everSmile SmilieSmile Smilie

I hope you share your enthusiasm regarding art and bibliography with us.I am very interested since I sketch a bit and Tolkien related artwork is always a treat.

Well I hope to see you around and hope you enjoy yourself.

Welcome to PT geordie! Hope you have a good time blush

Hi again geordie. 

Incidentally, I've heard it is not advisable to view geordie's enviable Tolkien library all in one glance (if even possible)... as this might break your mind.

Geordie can of course, and Mrs geordie or blood-related geordeans; but at least one book must be removed and hidden from guests, so that they will not accidentally go mad with delight!

Ah, if only there was a way to stick one's hand into the computer and through the other side, you would find a trembling hand holding an autograph book. But I dream.............

Thanks, everyone, for your kind words. (Though actually,  I didn't think I'd posted enough  so far to have made much of an impression).

Galin has been kind enough to refer to my collection, which I jokingly say is kept in the 'vast marbled halls' of the geordie library. Sometimes, I say, I get lost in the stacks, and can only find my way out again if I've remembered to take my ball of twine. Otherwise, mrs g. has to come in to find me, by singing. (the old methods are the best.) Though it's oddly true what Galin said - there are actually one or two books which I do remove from view when visitors come to view the library, just in case it's all too much. (I like having visitors; it's fun to hear the 'pop' sound their chins make when they hit the floor).

Anyway; that's enough of that nonsense for now. Leelee - you've been very kind to me so far, but I think asking for an autograph is a bit much. I'm all embarrassed now. I've never been asked for an autograph in my life; (well, only the once... a friend asked me to sign a book I'd contributed to. 'your name's in it', she said, so sign it, please'.)  Hmm. Actually, I'm an autograph hound myself. Authors and artists get that hunted look on their faces when they see me stalking them at Oxonmoot an other conventions. But no; to be serious - they are really lovely people. Tim Kirk did an original drawing in one of my autograph books; and you know Rhona Beare? (yes, you do - the lady who wrote to Tolkien about bridles and head-stalls) - that good lady actually wrote a sixteen- line poem about Faramir in that same autograph book. I'm very fortunate.

Still; that's enough rambling. I'm not sure of my way around here just now, but I'm sure there will be lots of opportunities for me to join in. So long for now.

Welcome to PT Geordie Waving Hello Smilie