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Hello fellow Tolkien scholars. I am Dain Ironfoot II, a sturdy and stubborn dwarf. My other Avatar in Arda is a Beorning, and a Dunedain. I have been a fan of Tolkien to the point of understanding Arda's creation 'myths' better than Earths (i.e. Genesis/Christian..) and knowing her 'Gods' (Vala) more than Earths (Vishnu/ Hindu). Check out the Forum for the Hobbit and my Military Strategy thread.

Welcome to PT, Dain! I hope you stay with us for a long time to come.

If you're into RPGs, drop in at the Khazad-dumish Inn to make a start (we really need to get that going again!). There's also a multitude of quizzes, discussion threads and other such things - and the site will be getting a complete refurbishment fairly soon, along with new features.

Again, welcome!  indecision

Welcome Dain Ironfoot II 

Hello Dain.Welcome to PT.

Welcome to PT, Dain! Waving Hello Smilie

Welcome! Well met!

Take your time, make your mind, be yourself and enjoy ARDA's life style! That is what we are here about!

Welcome to PT, Dain Ironfoot II. Oerath bows.