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What country you come from

I'm curious from what country other members come.
So I created this thread.
I'm from Netherlands and I live near Amsterdam it would be nice if you react

America in Texas and Oklahoma. You know how college can be

Lady Arwen hallo en welkom, lovely to see you. I am from Canada, the western part, some of the little city, almost a village if you will is luxuriant with lakes and mountains, hills, world class skiing and boating, world class vineyards, and some of it is semi desert so we have to watch out for rattle snakes and the occasional scorpion in places.

Gimli!  I had NO idea you were from the good U S of A. I thought you were for some wierd reason Nordic. I am all astonishment. Now my whole idea of your aspect will change, wow. I lived in the United States a fair bit as a child;I had uncles that won the chuck wagon races in Calgary for about eight years in a row and only lost eventually because a new comer did not handle his team properly and crashed into my uncles' team and they fell and one uncle's back was broken. I remember Montana, Louisianna, the Carolina's , Missouri or Missoura as my adopted grandfather would say. He was born in Scotland but only had an southern accent. Maryland, well many many States, very fascinating. Being Jewish I suppose had some influence on my liking New York!

I LONG to know where our Vir lives and oh I don't know, just EVERYTHING about him. He is like some sort of Agatha Christie book one reads the first chapter and a half of, and then finds to one's dismay the rest of the book has gone missing and that particular one is quite out of print.

Yes, I have lived in Texas my whole life, and moved to Oklahoma for college, but I also spend a lot of time in Montana and have visited British Columbia recently. But if it means anything, my mom's side of the family is from Sweden....... So I'm kinda Nordic I guess, and my dad's side is Native American. So I call myself a Swedish Indian.

And Lee, I thought of you in the NW States, like Oregon or Washington, so I wasn't too far off I guess.

In geography but not culture, we are quite poles apart and our behaviour and way of looking at things, though touched by American teli is around here at least quite British in some ways. We attend Celtic performances of highland bands, play and listen to a great deal of Irish, Scottish and English bands and we adore our brothers down east from Newfoundland, they are so unique especially their language. And our French brothers here are amazing. We love Keeping up appearances and Miss Marple and Poirot and such and had not a clue who the Kardashians were till we looked them up! We are rather polite and stand offish and AMericans here at least are the FRIENDLIEST people ever and outgoing and successful and they seem to like guns!. So that way at least we differ, Grondy lived just across the border and we used to talk about the eagles there and here and just thinking about it makes me miss him so very much.

Well, from know we sit on the Tube..(oh, that means The Undeground railway, you know....sorry, I did not mean to sound patronising..) and well the rules of the tube are you never speak, you never smile, you never make eye is easy to become people from USA and Canada are the warmest , most hospitable people on earth...I love you guys.....

Funny you should mention Poirot, Leelee. I think of Vir every time I see Poirot on tv. I wonder,mon amie, Leelee, what might they have in common (besides knowing how to use their little grey cells), hm? Wink Smilie

I am from the west coast of Norway. Grown up among mountains and fjords and ever-changing weather, three seasons a day is not uncommon. Smile Smilie

Salut dear Amarie, I must confess that I am totally fascinated with your picture and description on the council page. Awesome, the background behind you just sweeps me away. And you are so very lovely and of course totally Elven. I confess I never thought of Vir in the |Poirot  range, but it fits. For me, from the first time he messaged me about some flaw in one of my stories, I saw him as a mysterious person, sitting at a desk, the room only partially lighted. He was not at computer but he was thinking deeply and the rest of the world was completely unimportant and his room was a fortress against intrusion. It made such an impact upon me. And also he resembled TinTin! So I have always had a deep respect for him and his mind and pay close attention when he speaks. PLEASE dear Vir, step up to the plate and share something, oh please do. Christmas is coming up and it could be the dearest gift to us. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze.

 Tintin! How adorable! 

I was thinking more about origin rather than personality traits. Vir is from Belgium, which he has mentioned a few times. Smile Smilie He's a man shrouded in mystery wrapped in a conundrum, or how ever that bit usually goes. 

As for the view in my council page picture. Here's a little picture I link to now and then to brag about the view: Bragety brag 

Good to see all of you guys, most of you know where I'm from, yes, I've said it before, and I love to say it again.

I hail from the mysterious and misty woods of southern Finland, here things are not as they seem to be, oh the daylight, it's somewhere, good that it's not blinding my eyes at this very moment.

It's so ordinary up here, so imagining some more about these woods adds some more epic feel to it.

Luckily, winter is coming, bless the north. Mount your horse, and ride forth. Find the land of moon and stars, end the plagues, end the wars. Behold, magic is at work, is it good, or is it evil and not from this world?

I think that was a bit weird, but who knows, I'm a little dreamer after all.

WHAT ON EARTH?! |Are you putting me on Am, are you ? Because I don't recall ever, never ever reading anything by Vir that mentioned Belgium. I would have made a big deal of it , for Poirot is my all time favorite on screen personality, Belgium is some where I have longed to go; and Tin Tin is a hero in our family, has been for years. We are on pins and needles waiting for the new Tin Tin to come here in December. You are having me on aren't you. I am rather gullible and never used to even understand any jokes others told me, even if they were on me, perhaps for months or years.  Wow Vir is Belgian.

That picture is glorious and rather like the terrain here about three or four miles away by lake Okanagan, which means lake of many colors. beautiful.

Oerath, when I first met you I looked up Finland and thought right away how unbelievably much it looks like different places mentioned in LOTR in my mind anyway. I saw one picture that I did not understand though. It was a picture of night time and it seemed that every so many yards it was all fiery or something. The most faerie tale thing I have ever seen. I expected King Arthur to emerge from the foggy mists  it was spectacular. And another snap shot of tents in a sort of motel like setting , all white and glowing from the lights inside. Unbelievable. The only thing I can think of to remotely correspond in Canada is in Quebec in the winter, the ice hotels and such, all glowing in icy star like glory.

Am you are telling the truth right?, could you give me one instance on one thread that shows Vir saying that he is from Belgium, just one. And when I said he looked like Tin Tin it was just my impression and his hair was short cropped but he did not have the little flipped up part in front. Wow I feel I have just as Aragorn said, stepped into a dream. Oh and Oerath, prince of poems that was lovely what you just wrote and on the other thread too. My hat so to speak is off to you.

It's true. Let's see... there's this thread here, 9th post from the bottom if I counted correctly : Non-English,anyone?

Oooh, I should say to everyone again my place of land.  I live in England, in the West, and though I may not have the scenery that Amarie has, I am moving back home to Malvern soon, near Oxford, and there is beautiful scenery from the famous Malvern Hills, home to Elgar the composer.  A fact for everyone Smile Smilie.

Loss I am so veryhappy for you, really my own heart leapt at the news you are returning home. Home loss, think of the little Hobbits returning home ,un like dear Frodo whose return did not mean really coming home

I feel sure your return will bring peaceful and joyful things, and through them blessings of mind and body. At least that is prayer and wish and hope for you, along with great bursts of genius that you will share with us when you can. Oh that we had a thread for pictures, that would be grand. But I understand that might not be quite the ticket so oh well,

here are some pictures of where I live images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSP0FP_Ga97BWhjs8A-Z2b7aGPEqI1IZc2_xTY5GeoqKcJNfhKAOg
(: (:

I told my family about Vir's being from Belgium and they simply did not believe it until I read his very own words on the thread you provided Am. They were just delighted, for since the first time ever I read some of Vir's caustic comments on Arwen and a few others, they thought him quite the most hilarious of persons. And as they were as children fans of the muppets, especially the two rather rude elderly gentlemen it was the way to their hearts.So I shall write of Hercule Poirot's country man, Vir in my diary and mark it as a red letter day.

I currently live in Milan, Italy, in the city center, but I'm from Ancona. If you have a vague idea of the map of Italy, Ancona is more or less on the same level of Rome, but on the opposite side. It's in the Marche Region, we have really wonderful views, we have the mountains and the sea, and the weather is lovely.

There's an incredibly beautiful and representative video commercial with Dustin Hoffman on YouTube if you search for "Marche le scoprirai all'infinito". We also have something very very unique and special... look for "Grotte di Frasassi" on Google and you'll see what I'm talking about. I'm very proud of where I come from. I love nature and I love breathing fresh air. But now, in Milan, you can easily guess the air is nothing but fresh.

But I can't complain: I chose to move to Milan to study... after years of reading Tolkien books in English I decided to try to study in English, so I moved to Milan to attend a University course in English... I'm currently studying Management.

I will soon start sending my applications to various Universities in UK so, who knows, I might move there next year.

i live in a small town which no-one knows of or has heard of in England, Manchester. T'is called Rochdale.....heard of it? 

I' m from Denmark! Smile Smilie

Where are the Dutch people

Hey well i was born in California but i later moved to Texas and ive been living here for nearly 17 years now, but i want to move to Ireland or Scotland 

Such a brilliant,roaring thread.Love it.

I am from India.From a large metro in an Eastern state.It gets very hot and sometimes very cold.But it never snows.My city is kind of equidistant between the Himalayas in the north and the Bay of Bengal in the south.Both take a one-day bus trip to reach.Not that I get to travel these days.I got University *grumbles out of the thread*

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia here......

I had to laugh when rumors went round that The Hobbit film was going to be shot in Australia!!  Could never be done as we simply look nothing like Middle Earth!  Our plants and landscape would have looked ridiculous!!!

Norway again. I already knew the whereabouts of Loss. Leelee. Amarie .but Vir .honestly ? Haha

Good to see you all

Anyone want to have a guess at where I'm from? Wink Smilie

I am from Louisiana but now living in Indiana.  Quite a difference!

Hail Thorin Oakensheild. I believe that you could be from Hamburg....

Hi! I'm from Spain. Well, I was born and grew in Vigo (Galicia) but now I live Valença  (Portugal). I live just in the boundary so my home is in Portugal but I work in Vigo. I emigrate every single day! Hahaha. It's great to live between two countries so you can learn 2 languages and 2 different cultures.

I'm from New Zealand. Not near where any of the movies were shot though, we're up north near the top of the North Island.

If you'd like to see some real undoctered New Zealand country I'd suggest you watch the latest Bear Grylls episodes.

Thorin, i believe you are from eastern NA, Virginia. For some reason, i imagine you have mentioned this before, but I could be confused with someone else...... Though how I would confuse Thorin with anybody is beyond me....

Hi - I'm from East Kent, where the Peelers chase escaped convicts across the marshes, except that now, late in the Fifth Age, they use choppers and thermal imaging kit.  We also have a summer house in the country in South East Sweden, where we can slip back a generation and a technology or two - though not quite to the early Fourth Age, unfortunately.


Westu Hal


Hi everyone! I have a question for Rho. Can you suggest me anything to eat in New Zealand? What is the typical cuisine there? and what about souvenirs? Thank you!

Tolkien joins the world in just one site. Many different people arrive from far countries and there's a main common point, Tolkien work. He would be very happy if he could see it!

How far can the words of a simple man go! How his imagination could wake ours up! Hail Mr. Tolkien and thank you very much!

I found the original thread for those of you waning to know more about our family, both new and old! 


Here it is 

Hi. I'm from the UK, London to be precise.