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Thread: Where are you all from?????

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Thanks, Rho. But actually, I had never left. I just could not find something to post about till now. By the way, the rain finally let up today, and we are shooting our fireworks tonight.

I live in New Brunswick, Canada
Is it really as pretty there as in Anne of Green Gables?

I suppose I could tell everyone I live in a small town in Oklahoma, United States. Smile Smilie

The grass is usually already brown at this time of the summer, but the rain won't stop. Not that I'm complaining, it's keeping the temperatures down, and one thing is that the grass is knee high but it won't stop raining long enough to go mow it.
Hehe, dear Anne is from Prince Edward Island, Grondy. Wink Smilie
Although, very close in proximity, very different in landscape. The Island has beautiful beaches and the most amazing red sand. A vacation paradise! Big Smile Smilie

Yes i've been to Prince Edward Island and its indeed a magical place, the people are also very friendly.

Im in Mass but my origin in Palestine and mom is Puerto Rican


I live in southern Finland, in a quite small town, here I can enjoy of nature, but I still wish I'd live in Lapland, nature's beauty is at it's height over there.

Wow Oerath! Id always wanted to visit Finland, its such a nice country, and all my favorite music groups come from there, any tips on popular attractions and places to visit when i go?

Okay Oerath you tell us the best season to visit Lapland and give us all the tourist information we need.All hail the official Finnish guide in PTSmile Smilie

I posted in this thread ages ago, but to many of you I probably seem like a newbie.  I am from the USA, more specifically the midwestern state of Iowa.  I live in a rural area and enjoy the quiet surroundings.

Been a Tolkien fan since I was 13 and have enjoyed his work for over 34 years.  (I will let you do the math on that one.) Middle Earth will always be my happy place.

I hail from the great state of Michigan, the Great Lakes state. I'm in the greater metropolitan Detroit area and about 15 or so miles from the US/Canada border.

I should've wrote this reply ages ago, but here it goes.

@ Odette: If you ever consider to go to Lapland, best time to go would be between June and July. Take a good camera with you, and stay awake to late night, 'cause summer nights are very beautiful and inspiring in Lapland. I'd like to call it 'The Age of Sun', since sun falls down every night between midnight and 02:00, and then it returns to it's place in the sky, and between that time, it is still very bright, and you may discover many things, like beautiful linings of clouds and colors of the very sky.

Also, September is a good month too, since Lapland is far in north, pretty close to 'The Ice Sea' - as we finnish people call it, days begin to grow colder and colder after the first two or three months of summer has passed. But my own favorite month to go there would be definitely December. At the heart of winter, when the snow is white as the pale morning sky, and glimmering as the evening stars, then you may see the northern lights, and they're truly worth of the journey. In Lapland, winternights are truly dark, but the moon will always be your friend when you need someone to enlighten your paths.

Blow your horn of winter moon, Odette, and ride with the pack of grey and ancient wolves. Smile Smilie

I'm also from the States, currently living in Georgia but soon moving to Colorado or back to Alaska! I haven't decided yet...

I love that PT is so diverse. Very cool.

I reside in Britsh Columbia. Tith, we have two knights of Columbus in our family.

I am in the southern part of British Columbia and it is technically called a semi desert though we have three large lakes here. One is so spectacularly beautiful it is breathtaking. Named by one of the Aboriginal tribes here it is called Kalamalka, or lake of many colours. We have great beaches, walking trails, riding trails, biking trails. We have the oldest race track in all of Canada just down the street, so lovely and nestled in amongst enormous trees. We have a mountain and world class skiing and the most faerie tale village up there. The thing I hate though is we are deep into a valley so sometimes the air quality is not the best. And we face terrifying fires every couple of years due to the semi arid conditions and the great hot temperatures. One year we were completely surrounded by fires coming from four different cities. We are a military town so the military tanks were out and fire bombers loaned out from the United States. We often have many many soldiers from the U.K. that come to learn certain things and you can see them flying over in their gynormous helicopters or parachuting out.

This little valley is very lovey and picturesque and sometimes hollywood comes to do movies, we don't care for that at all, especially in the  Victorian wild west town with all the original buildings from the turn of the century. Although we have colleges and a university just above an awesome lake and beach, we are so retro and old fashioned that we do not even have one escalator in the entire city. Nor any buildings above five stories, it is not allowed else it would ruin the almost Cannes looking city.

Rednell! You are a Newfie! That is totally awesome. "I.s the bye that builds the boat!' Out west here we just love Newfies and Royal Canadian Airfarce repeats and although the jokes we never understand we just love them. Do you like Stompin' Tom Conners? Although we are all rather highbrow here , Celtic music and symphony and ballet and all that, we still think he is cool. Smile Smilie He must always have to buy only one new shoe eh?!

I'm from Rockford, IL

England, home of the Hobbits

I live in Lithuania.

Am i the only one from there?Smile Smilie)

I'm from a small town in southwestern Colorado. It's beautiful here most of the time, except spring.
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