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I'd always hoped the Odo name would become famous! It's a good solid respectable name.

And we mustn't forget "Odo the Hero". A Wizard of great repute who had ballads written and sung about his brave deeds in the Harry Potter books (see, now you'll have to continue reading them <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> . I told you, you hadn't got to the truly meaty stuff yet :mrgreen: ).

Nice to see Odo and GB you both care so much about Smaug- its a testament to the fact we can disagree on this board about details but we all essentially want the same thing- a good film of the book. In fact there is no much consensus and sharing of views on here we should just run the world from this forum- couldn't be any worse than way its been run up till now- and I've always wanted (deserved) a go.
On the point of your name, Odo, I have 3 cats Keira (I know I spell it differently), Dax and Sisko, I considered Odo but seemed more of a dog name to me (sorry!) plus it lacked the essential quality the other 3 have; a "k", "X" and "S" sound all of which cats ears seem particularly attuned too.
On the choice of Smaugs voice- I stated in an earlier post I'm not sure a big name is a good idea in case it overshadows the part- but how about Hugo Weaving- he'll be on the pay role anyway as Elrond, he'll be available and any doubt about his vocal talents should be quickly dispelled with a watch of V for Vendetta (which I would highly recommend anyway to any who haven't yet seen it).
As I have her on my mind just now for some reason, why not Miranda Kerr? I think she would make a very captivating dragon. Only real trouble I see is that the minute Bilbo laid eyes upon her sinuous loveliness, he'd have forgotten burgling altogether - imagine how his eyes would have goggled! No doubt though, his mind would have still been on cups - bra cups, one imagines! Alas and alack! Smauganda would have burnt him to a crisp even as he stood there... and the poor, queerly fortunate chap probably wouldn't even have minded. (I know I wouldn't have neither... sigh...)

Odo! "Careless talk-k costs lives" - or potentially ruins movies. What if people from the actual film studio check this site out? You could just have given them an idea of how to get a big name female star into the hobbit film!! What have you done!!!
Oh God! Teach me for not thinking things out properly first! (My Mother always told me I was impulsive and that one day it would turn around and bite me on my sweet rounded bum!)

Hmm. Female Smaug !! I think not, Tolkien thought not, so NOT !

Hugo weavings a good 1 I agree, 'V' is a good example of him.
How about John Lithgow ? If you can forget the shrek thing, He
can be quite sinister and smarmy/suave/evil !
Sorry to come back on topic (there are plenty HP forums )!

I still think it best for an 'unknown' but names will keep springing
to mind.

Is there any actual news of who it may be yet ?

Hail ! Manwe
Hugo Weaving is awesomely sibilant making him eminently suitable, but I am ruling out the most prominent actors already associated with this franchise.

Lithgow, Hmmm, I'm not too keen on that idea. If we go that route I'd rather have John Cleese (in fact I think I'll add [i:3m99igs9]him[/i:3m99igs9] to my list <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> ).

I still think my current list of top contenders are most suitable for the role: Alan Rickman (#1), Bill Nighy, Gary Oldman, Udo Kier, David Warner, Hugh Laurie, Brad Dourif, and John Cleese.

But I am open to suggestions if anyone comes up with other actors of a similar nature <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' /> .

And so far no real news. :x

Patrick Stewart?
I'm sure Patricks been suggested in this thread already and he does have a good voice,

GB's list is pretty damn good, any one of those would do me ! I think you need just a hint
of the Leslie Phillips/Roger Moore type 'smarm' in there and Rickman would be great for that.

There is another actor already associated with the franchise who I'd consider, Brad Douriff.
His wormtongue was excellent !

Hail ! Manwe
Yeah, Brad Dourif is the only actor on my list already associated with the franchise because his role is only as a tertiary character, thus people will not immediately make the association they would with a main character like Ian McKellen's or Hugo Weaving's.

As I've said before, Patrick Stewart is a GREAT actor, but he is far too Rigid, Regal, and Stentorian for a role like Smaug.

Hail !! Gandalfs Beard !
Sorry, I must have took blindness at your reference to Brad.
You thought of everyone !
Perhaps we need a new thread 'actors we wouldn't want' ! or
'actors who would be total crap'
That would be a very long list.

Hail !! Manwe.
John Rhys-Davies would do a fantastic job voicing Smaug and I agree the casting (If controlled by Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh) will be spot on. I also hope he is cast as one of the dwarves too. His prosthetics changed his face so much it wouldn't matter.
reply to estelofmirkwood,sorry to inform you but saw an interview with Davies and he said he will not be returning as a dwarf in the Hobbit,he said he could not put himself thru the makeup process again,very disappointed am I as I thought he was brilliant as Gimli and hoped he would return as Gloin
I think it would be cool to see Morgan Freeman do the voice of Smaug, his voice is so unique. Though this is very unlikely, I think it would be cool.

Just a thought
[quote="ZOMBIE":1air0c44]During work today a nome popped into my head... Bill Nighy I think he could pull it off.[/quote:1air0c44] Zombie wins and GB is very happy.
I think whomever they cast, there will still have to be a degree of alteration done to the voice. It always bugged me in Dragonheart, that Draco's voice sounded like a human's voice. They should crank the bass up on it and make it sound like the voice is coming from something way grander than a human
I agree Rodu. I felt the same about Treebeards voice, its should have sounded, well more wooden, like a woodwind instrument, there should have been deep, reverberating wood sounds in there. I thought what they actually did was bland, unimaginative and dull (get Davies to speak louder and deeper was about it). So hopefully they will be a bit more creative with Smaugs voice.
I imagine a voice full of wile, nothing particularly grand --- though how can one [i:2911i4qv]realize[/i:2911i4qv] a "wily" voice, I wonder? What does a voice full of wile sound like? :? Do I sound confused? I do think I sound confused... How can you hear me, I'm only typing... you can't even hear me typing ... or can you? :shock:
Loud enough to wake the dead. :mrgreen: [b:3ce89dce]GB[/b:3ce89dce]
Maybe they could get Arnold Schwarzenegger to do Smaug since no one else thought he'd be good for Beorn. He'll have a more open schedule now that he exhausted his term limits as Governator of California. <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' />
"Barrel-rider!" Smaug snorted. "Your feet came from the waterside and up the water you came without a doubt. I don't know your smell, but if you are not one of those men of the Lake, you had their help. They shall see me and remember who is the real King under the Mountain! I'll be back!"
How could that be anything but awesome? 8-)
It could be everything but awesome!
I have rather a soft spot for Bill Nighy... and I did rather like him in Harry Potter! Though he does seem to have a trace of a Welsh accent. Everyone at my local cinema burst out in laughter when he spoke! (Except me of course...!) ~Allythegreat
Bill Nighy was better in HP than I thought he would be based on the trailers, but his voice isn't really how I imagined Smaug's. :? It's not terribly deep, IIRC.
After seeing Nighy in Underworld, I'd say he has the making's of a good Smaug. [b:1rsle2vk]GB[/b:1rsle2vk]
I love Liam Neesons voice, but his voice sounds so pure... especially since he's Aslan! But what about Christopher Lee? Or the guy who plays Snape?
I think both Christopher Lee and Alan Rickman could do a good job, though (naturally) I'd be more inclined to see Mr. Lee be the one. It'd be especially nice to have him as Smaug if he doesn't return as Saruman so that he can have [i:1yx4neqc]some[/i:1yx4neqc] role. He's a great actor.
Ian McKellan... Yep. :ugeek: Subtlety (sinuousness) and no "awe-inspiringness" thank you very much. :x (NB Remember the "Voice" of Saruman in LOTR - book version? How would that be for a template? :ugeek: )
[quote="Eldorion":200wtz8v]How could that be anything but awesome? 8-)[/quote:200wtz8v] when Peter Jackson throws in the special (whirl wind -ring on) effects from LOTR (In my opinion) it would destroy beautifully written dialog between Smaug & an invisible Bilbo. I just hope that they don't use the same "ring effect" that LOTR used. i really did want to see a fresh (Del Toro's) take on the story... I still think [url=]Ian McShane's[/url:200wtz8v] deep, dry, and aged voice would be perfect for Smaug
[quote="brado1":3dxmfec3] when Peter Jackson throws in the special (whirl wind -ring on) effects from LOTR (In my opinion) it would destroy beautifully written dialog between Smaug & an invisible Bilbo. I just hope that they don't use the same "ring effect" that LOTR used. i really did want to see a fresh (Del Toro's) take on the story... [/quote:3dxmfec3] I agree, I never liked the ring effect in the trilogy. And it doesn't make sense that Frodo is all sweaty and breathing heavily every time after he's used the ring, while Bilbo is just laughing. Perhaps it is possible to explain the change in the Ring's behaviour with the fact that it changed "owner"? I hope so, because then the Ring will be that fun, useful and (apparently) harmless little thing it is in TH.
among all the other worries about this film the ring affect brado1 was not one I'd considered. But you are absolutely spot on. It just will not work in the scenes between Bilbo and Smaug. The best description I can think off from the books of how things look when the Ring is on comes from Return of the King- The Tower of Cirith Ungol when Sam wears it; 'Sam found that his hearing was sharpened, but that to his sight the things of this world seemed thin and vague. The rocky walls of the path were pale, as if seen through a mist' Typical of PJ's constant desire to up the ante that he turned this mistiness and vagueness into a maelstrom of special effects.
I agree about the Ring; I was never too keen on the "spirit world". More importantly however: Happy 2000th, Petty! [img:r967ye3q][/img:r967ye3q]
Congratulations, Petty! <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' />
Blimey 2000! I don't half go on!! :lol:
Does it have to be a recognised actor? Surely someone who smokes 40-60 a day, drinks like a bar steward and can read watery,blank lines will be suitable. Smaug as 60 year old bar fly, paid in whisky i say, rocking on his stool and trying to keep his out porings decent. Hurrah.
Your "unrecognized" actor sounds a lot like Mickey Rourke! <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' />
[quote="Mirabella Banks":24qw7q0d]Your "unrecognized" actor sounds a lot like Mickey Rourke! <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' />[/quote:24qw7q0d] or this lady...
Sorry...little late due to circumstances...but Happy 2000 Petty. :mrgreen: [img:32tn8iwe][/img:32tn8iwe] [img:32tn8iwe][/img:32tn8iwe] Party on, but don't drink too much Buckie Petty. <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> [img:32tn8iwe][/img:32tn8iwe] [b:32tn8iwe]GB[/b:32tn8iwe]
Cheers GB!! On the matter of Smaug I think the Cat has wandered in, done his business and left, as is a cats wont, leaving behind something seemingly obnoxious but which cannot be ignored; "Smaug as 60 year old bar fly, paid in whisky i say, rocking on his stool and trying to keep his out porings decent."- Lester Cat PJ could do a lot worse than have this in mind as a character description! Wise Cat! (Wonder if he belongs to Wise Odo? <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> )
I read on IMDB that Leonard Nimoy was going to be the voice of Smaug. He would be perfact. He did the voice for Magatron on the first transformers movie.
A bolt from the blue? But actually Nimoy might not be a bad idea. Btw, welcome corneliusduke. Hope you enjoy yourself here. I feel it best to warn you that this is not always the most "respectable" of forums, but the folk here (overall) are a friendly bunch. We have the widest crossection of Tolkien fans, all the way from Tolkien Liberals to (extreme) Tolkien Purists - we also have a habit of not always being pinned down to Tolkien discussions - but there you go. I have warned you! :ugeek:
Yeah Nimoy could be a good choice, he has a rich well greased sort of a voice, like drowning in treacle. It could work.
Welcome to the forum, Corneliusduke <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' /> Megatron goes Smaug.. I like it <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' />
I thought Hugo Weaving was the voice of Megatron. :?: I could actually see him voicing Smaug, personally, though while I'm not exactly a fan of Nimoy, he could probably do a fair job. Also, welcome to the forum! :mrgreen:
Jeremy Brett would've been a perfect Smaug. That deep, at times soft, voice would have been just the one for Smaug, and that half-crazy laugh would've been fantastic in the scene where Bilbo is "flattering" Smaug. Just a thought I got while watching Sherlock Holmes tonight, what a shame we (I) will never see it happen.
I thought Hugo Weaving was Optimus. Whoopps!!! And I guess that'd be ok, but I just feel like the voice of Smaug has to be charming; have a distinctness to it that makes you want to listen more and more...
The more I think about, the more I think Iam McKellan. He would not overplay the voice, which is my greatest fear... he also has the requisite understanding of text (as I discovered on another thread --- thanks Mr Tyrant! :ugeek: )
I'm still holding out for Alan Rickman. :P [b:fozio8sk]GB[/b:fozio8sk]
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