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Thread: Actors to play Bilbo

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I agree halfwise, Holm despite being a great actor obviously won't be able to act and look young when in fact he's very old indeed, in reality. Wouldn't look right at all, be a bit like Frodo looking 50 in the LotR films :lol:. Wouldn't really work in the same way that Frodo is portrayed and acted by Wood if they'd chosen an older actor to do the same stuff.

[b:1twptwat]JD [/b:1twptwat]
Hi all,
my choice would be for Michael Sheen (see Wolfs earlier post for a pic)- but Id pick him not just for looks- in my view you need someone who can study Ian Holms Bilbo and draw from it characteristics of his performance without turning it into an impersonation. For this there is no other Brit actor currently working better then Sheen- hes done Kenneth Williams (superbly), Tony Blair (spookly good), David Frost (wonderfully) and Brian Clough (with aplomb) making him perfectly suited for the job required.
I think that it would be hard to get a good likeliness, personally, I think that Bilbo's young personality might work well in film if it's different to old Bilbo's personality, particularly at the beginning because his Tooky kind of side is brought out later. I think it's going to be hard (not impossible though) to try and take whats good about Holm and then applying to a new actor, without it looking like an impersonation. I think that we should learn to embrace a new Bilbo, different actors can't really play the same Bilbo in my opinion.

I had a look at Sheen though, he kinda has a Hobbit-like aura about him PTR, but something skewed my perceptions of him when I looked him up on Wikipedia, it says he's Welsh! Although you did say that he'd played Tony Blair so I'm guessing he has probably mastered the English accent pretty well.

[b:3kmp0c9d]Joseph Dwarf[/b:3kmp0c9d]
John Hannah ?

Hail Manwe !!
Colm Meaney definitely looks like a hobbit. He'd be a good choice, and you know he can do the accent from all his Star Trek work as a traditional Irishman.

What's the latest on the Toby McGuire casting? I think he would not be a good pick. Wasn't Bilbo like 50-60 years old during the book? How can you cast a 20-something in that roll?
Yeah, Colm's a good shout, he was discussed earlier.
Bilbo is 50 odd in the book but in Hobbit terms, thats not really old at all
so I dont think there will be a problem using someone younger. That said,
I dont like the idea of Toby mcguire at all and I hope they look elsewhere.
Surely its got to be a brit !

Hail ! Manwe
Welcome to the forum Dr Strangepork (Awesome Username BTW :mrgreen: ). Hail Manwe pretty much sums up the majority opinion here at this forum.

Colm Meaney is definitely a favourite here, but as HM says, they are likely to go for someone younger and with a good British or Irish accent. I'm fairly certain that Tobey McGuire is just a CRAZY internet rumour.

Bilbo, actoor in waiting at your service. 8-)
Short,rotund,hairy and definitely hobbit like in both appearance and character.
Only one problem. Can't act :?
Still that hasn't stopped numerous other so-called actors has it? :oops:
Would send picture but don't want to crack any screens out there. :lol:
Welcome Mr Wizard, I greet thee. (A [i:2qs1d3v2]short[/i:2qs1d3v2] wizard, did you say?) And Doctor Strangepork! With a fine name such as yours, there's bound to be some fun to come from it!

Did you guys know that Frodo was about fifty years old when he went off to Rivendell? This fact did not trouble PJ at all. PJ has his own imagination and he employs it whenever he likes and however he likes, usually with gay abandon.

And GB - [i:2qs1d3v2]fifty[/i:2qs1d3v2] for Hobbits would not be unlike [i:2qs1d3v2]fifty[/i:2qs1d3v2] for humans I would have thought. Where did your strange theory come from? (Bilbo I believe was [i:2qs1d3v2]wonderfully preserved[/i:2qs1d3v2] but only after his gradual preservation).
Did you say 50 good sir Odo!
Well bless my soul, it just so happens i reach that woundrous age at end of May. Just in time for an adventure to NZ dare i say it :P Better start brushing up my elvish. <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' />
Yes, Frodo is fifty 50 when he leaves. We meet him at the start of lotr when he is actually only 33 but this 17 year gap is disregarded by PJ in the film. Hobbits seem to age at a different rate from us throughout the books. (Sam, Merry and Pippin all outlast the men). Bilbo is described as 'well preserved' ! but only after he has had the ring for a long time ! Hoibbits then, appear younger than men of the same age !
When we first meet Bilbo (Ian holm in lotr) he is much younger than he is during the film and I think therefor that a younger actor will be used to portray him in The Hobbit !

Hail !! Manwe
Sadly, Hail Manwe, you have failed to convince me...

...and dear Wizard Chap: the New Zealanders don't speak Elvish either, and nor are any of them Elves - no matter how they dress up to fool people! (Btw, I would not try speaking Elvish to their sheep, or else certain jealousies might be aroused... I raise this issue just in case you're a wizard in the Radagast tradition).
Just to chip in on the age of hobbits compared to a comparably aged human I think it depends on how you choose to read the text. Pippin is 29 when he is in Minas Tirith and tells Beregrond "I am still little more than a boy in the reckoning of my own people." So either Hobbits just have a long equivalent of human teenage years but still age roughly the same or else a Hobbit at 33 looks like a human equivalent of approx 18-21- in which case PJ can actually justify casting Frodo younger and there is justification for casting an actor in their late 20's or early 30's to play Bilbo at 50.
Smoke and mirrors! Smoke and mirrors! You're not quite the Purist I took you for!

It's that GB, isn't it! All his sweet reasonableness and refusal to take offence working away on your sub-conscious until you start to find little points of agreement!



Petty is quite correct :mrgreen: . The different reckonings of age for Hobbits and humans appears to be canon.

I admit Odo, GB's reasonableness makes him difficult to simply attack but when he has a good point it has to be conceded too. As a purist I've always taken the view a hobbit coming of age at 33 was equivelent to 18-21 in human years of maturity and (sorry Odo) I think the text supports this view. Although it was worth riling you Odo just for your use of the Brandybuck alarm call in your response- pure genious my Oz friend, pure genius. <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' />
I know I'm a romantic - but I preferred you when you were an irascible Scot - especially when you were fighting boldly on my side!

(I agree with you that GB is genuinely likeable, but you must stay strong! In fact, it's GB's genuiness that is the most insidious aspect of his personality! Along with all his other positive attributes, he is surely a difficult enemy, I know. Fortunately, I'm a Fundamentalist Tolkien Purist and am willing to strike down the one I love - for the Greater Good, for the Greater Love of Tolkien! Resist him, Mr Tyrant. You must! The cause is surely more important than the life of just one individual!)
Thing about Scots Odo is we've being hammered by Life once to often to be idealists so we've become realists. Therefore my ideal of a perfect Tolkien adaptation might be what I'd like but never what I suspect I'm going to get (and boy PJ sure didn't let me down there) so whilst much of what was done to Tolkien was horrific I cant say I was surprised- heightening drama, altering time frames and motivations- all par for the course if your going to to make it into a film- same will stand for the Hobbit films sadly. If only they'd do TV instead where it can all be told from Creation to climax as it were without the rush or all the poor conventions of modern film that seem to get attached along the way. As to actors for Bilbo- I stick by Sheen as my first choice but fear it won't matter as whoever it is will likely get a script just as bad as the LoTR was saddled with.
Well, as a Gemini, I have had to learn how to carry out the difficult task of resolving my Idealism with my Realism (yes, I have an Inner "Purist" <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> ). Fortunately, over the years I have learned to Embrace the notion that artists adapting other's material should have license to exhibit their own vision of said material (it helps being an artist myself).

sorry GB got to go back to disagreeing with you. If you are an artist and you want to display your vision do something that's your own. If you are adapting someone else's work then its the original artist you must honour not your own vanity- you listening PJ?
I knew you'd say that! :mrgreen:

Ha! reason returns, My Tyrant! :shock:

Whether you knew he'd say it or not, GB, what is your response? :x
I disagree :P (as if that wasn't obvious :roll: ).

Well, it wasn't that obvious! (I thought you were shying away).
That's because Petty was the one responding to me. I had already stated an opinion on the last page, and Petty's post is the first on this page.

...You know...we are REALLY slacking on thread discipline lately :roll: :lol: (I mean waaaaaay worse than usual :P ).

Perhaps [i:qn2htqrh]I[/i:qn2htqrh] could play Bilbo Baggins. Imagine the reviews!

"A special mention should be made of Odo Banks' sensitive and genuine performance as Bilbo Baggins. Now that we have seen him, how can we imagine anyone else as this beloved Tolkien character..!"


"Cannot be bettered!"

"Odo Banks made me believe Hobbits [i:qn2htqrh]do [/i:qn2htqrh]exist....!"

"Loved the songs! Can't wait until I hear Odo Banks' rendition of "The Road Goes Ever On and On," in the upcoming remake of The Lord of the Rings!"

and so on...

Mmm... where do you apply?
New Zealand, which, I believe, is somewhere in your neighborhood <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> .

Only grudgingly....
I guess thats it settled then ! Odo will play Bilbo and Gandalfs Beard will play....
...well, Gandalf, & pettytyrant will play everyone else ! (except Gollum of course)!
Perhaps that would be a good new thread in this series... Who would you like to
play in the new films ? (apologies if thats been done, I couldnt find it).

Hail !!
Brilliant idea for a new thread Hail 8-) . Feel free to start one.

Nice idea! But don't think I could manage all the other parts! Would be like casting Sean Connery in those roles- everyone would sound exactly the same- Scottish. Maybe just Smaug- I have his colouring and the temperament that goes with it- whether I have the charm I'd be too modest to say.And as Gimli sounds Scottish (well, sort of|) maybe Smaug has picked up an accent.
[quote="hail manwe":28786p1a]I guess thats it settled then ! Odo will play Bilbo and Gandalfs Beard will play....
...well, Gandalf, & pettytyrant will play everyone else ! (except Gollum of course)! [/quote:28786p1a]

If I can so soon after my return, I wouldn't mind being Bard. He reminds me of my all-time favourite Tolkien character, Faramir, somehow.
[quote="Gandalfs Beard":q3oxmy4g]...You know...we are REALLY slacking on thread discipline lately :roll: :lol: (I mean waaaaaay worse than usual :P ).[/quote:q3oxmy4g]

And here I was thinking it was impossible for us to get any worse. :P
I'm just a little worried that I might be a little too handsome for Bilbo - though if he's going to have a love interest he'll need to be the Handsome Lover type I guess... I could defnitely play that. Maybe Liv Tyler as some tavern wench - I'm not sure what they're thinking is.... well, I guess I might be available.

Odo Banks (Actor)

NB I refuse to be Ian McKellan's love interest, no matter how much I admire him.

NB I wonder if they'll expect me to have a nose job?
You mean a nose job to actually make it big enough to see <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> ???

See my response on the Casting thread Sauron <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' /> .

* still waiting for opinions on Stephen Rea *

Mathew Goode ... o-baggins/

what do you think? I'v never heard of him. :?
Me neither, but he looks a bit young.

For that matter, I haven't heard of most of these people rumoured to be Bilbo. :roll: :lol:
I'm not particularly thrilled with any of the suggested actors that are all that young looking (excepting perhaps James McAvoy).

Oh, it wasn't [b:n7hzumha][i:n7hzumha]that[/i:n7hzumha][/b:n7hzumha] bad. He's certainly no Ian Holm, but he looks and acts the part well enough for a local theatre performance (did I detect accent slippage though?). I was more disturbed to see the back of Gandalf's head and hear Gollum's dialogue :lol: .

Has anyone seen this guy before?
Um... that was pretty bad...
I'm not sure if he's been mentioned before, but Stephen Rea (best known for his role in V for Vendetta) would be excellent I think. He has the right sort of look, and he's a damn fine actor. (And he's already worked with Weaving <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> ).



Honestly, I don't want Mr.Tumnus living in Bag End and if that guy from Watchmen is Bilbo I'll sue New Line. Tobey McGuire would be a good actor for the part but I trust Peter Jackson will make the right choice.
Stephen Rea anyone...anybody... ? Opinions...?

Novel idea , Jack Black as Bilbo or Bombur? And if that blows your mind,my wife has the idea of Jim Carey as Bard
actually couldnt place Rea but with picture I think you may be on to something Gandalf's
I'd like to see English actor/comedian Ricky Gervais (The Office, Extras) star as Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit since he has the comic acting ability and rotund build needed for Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit. Yet I like the idea of Colm Meaney (Star Trek: Deep Space 9) even better since he looks the part (middle-aged and heavy set) plus Meaney has proven his talent as a gifted, versatile actor who excels at comic and dramatic film roles, such as The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill And Came Down A Mountain, The Snapper, and The Van.
Yes, Meaney has loooooong been a forum favourite here 8-) .

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