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Today I noticed on the IMDB website that Ron Perlman is rumored to have a role. I can see him as on of three characters, a dwarf (the complaining Bombour), the goblin chief in the Misty Mountains, or Beorn (the lycanthrope bear). Can anybody verify his involvement?
So far just rumours. But given his relationship with Del Toro he is likely to make an appearance. Given his classical training, I am not too concerned about him pulling off an accent.

IMDB is not reliable. It goes by rumors and the whims of the media. Of course, when official announcements are made, IMDB changes it's tune to match. So take everything on IMDB about an upcoming film with a grain of salt.
I think he should be Thorin.
Hey, if John Rys-Davies can be a dwarf, so can HellBoy.
I could see him playing Beorn, quite easily...
If the rumour is true (which it probably isn't) I would say he looks kinda like a dwarf :roll: (If you happen to read this Ron I mean no offence by that I'm sure your a very tall bloke :shock: ) I wouldn't like him to be Beorn, and he certainly don't look like a Hobbit (he would be one mean looking Hobbit)
I could definitely see Perlman as Beorn (who I DO hope makes it into The Hobbit), but I'm not sure whether I could see him as Bilbo or even a dwarf or elf. I think he'd make a passable Bard, as well as Beorn.
Welcome to the forum Ancaligon. I think Perlman would be a good Beorn too. Though I could see him as a Dwarf also 8-) .

i mt god it's been about 10 years since I read The Hobbit, I forgot all the things in there, Does anyone remember growing up on those cartoons with the silly songs. The Rankin and Bass Cartoons, will DelToro make his elves look like that or will he stay close to the LotR trilogy look?
The cartoons keep popping up on different threads :P . I didn't care for the Rankin Bass animations very much. Purple Elves, wearing fruit ???? And other assorted strangeness :? . I prefer the Bakshi animated version of LotR.

You can expect Del Toro to stick fairly close to the look PJ designed to maintain continuity. Though he will have some leeway to establish his own take on things. And to come back to the topic of this thread, Del Toro will likely find a role for Ron Perlman <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> .

By the way, as a body part myself, I must express my amusement at your clever username Gollums Gallstones.

I can see Perlman as a dwarf, but as a Beorn, I don't see it. For that character, a physically imposing hairy woodsman, I want an actor who looks the part, face, build etc
could see ron perlman as...? no no no, HEAR ron perlman as.... smuag!!!!!
I can see him voicing Smaug, just with a bit of tweaking his voice would work nicely for a dragon
Though I wouldn't be surprised if Del Toro cast Perlman in a role, he better be dang sure Perlman can pull off a British/Irish/Scottish or other European Accent before doing so. And as much as I like him, I don't think he's a Smaug. Ron plays more straightforward characters, he doesn't have the right voice for sneering and sarcastic wit.

But I still think he would be good as Beorn or a Dwarf.

Ron Perlman..

I remember him as Vincent in Beauty and the Beast. He could totally pull off Thorin.

I also remember him from "The Name of the Rose". He could totally pull off the Goblin King.

Come to think of it with his voice, he could do Smaug.
People keep saying he could be Smaug :roll: , just because he's got a deep growly voice. But unless he could pull off a good British or European accent, and a personality change, I don't think so. And as much as I think he would be great as Beorn or a Dwarf (in looks and personality <img src='/images/smileys/wink.gif' border='0' alt='Wink Smilie' /> ), he still has to pull off an accent. A Scottish one for a Dwarf if Gimli is any indication :lol: .

As I said previously he could probably do the accents though, as he is apparently a classically trained actor. I just don't see him as a Smaug.

I think Perlman would make a great Smaug, I like his voice, and with a dash of rehearsing an accent he could play a very good Smaug, but then again I also think that Alan Rickman could do well as Smaug too
While I'd usually support Gandalf's Beard with this one, I must say that Ron Perlman can pull off a DARN good smooth voice.

I doubt any of you have EVER seen Teen Titans (not that I blame you) but I used to watch the early episodes as a younger kid.

Ron Perlman does the voice of Slade, the bad guy, and in retrospect Slade had an INCREDIBLY good voice for Smaug. Obviously it'll be tweaked and prodded and given an accent, but I think he could pull it off.

If you don't want to watch this video, it's ok. The video is pretty childish. But the first person to talk in it is Slade. Just listen to it.

Does anyone see what I mean?
Well, Perlman was a Shakespearean actor so he could pull it off. I guess he's just not my first choice for Smaug. Like I said before though, I like him for Beorn or one of the Dwarfs <img src='/images/smileys/bigsmile.gif' border='0' alt='Big Smile Smilie' /> .

His voice was great in the link you posted, Sinister and Smooth indeed. But it's not how I imagine Smaug sounding who is Sinister, but also Sarcastic and Witty.

Wow. I just thought I would check in to see if anyone who is paying attention knows anything about the Hobbit movie's progress. Gollum's Gallstones... I want to meet you already. What's up?
Otto's World!!! You're Back :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: . Please PM me. I'd love to catch up with you. We've missed you here :cry: .

Oh, GB, I am SO happy to be missed. This whole forum feels so rusty, having taken such a long hiatus from it. Guess that's where PM-ing is good. Can be clutzy and sluggish with fewer witnesses.
Sorry if I'm spamming here, but I thought I'd let you know that I'm checking in, too. This past semester was kind of full, but once this month is over I may have more time for this forum. haha, you can PM me too, GB, if you want.

I REALLY miss this forum! I will be back someday!
Welcome back Beren, however temporarily! Best of luck with RL. :mrgreen:
Hey, Beren :mrgreen: , a lot's been happening on the forum lately. I can't wait for you to start posting a bit more.