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Thread: Will Del Toro due Jackson Justice?

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Will Del Toro due Jackson justice? I think so if it wasn't peter Jackson he would be next in line I see no other directors that will due Middle Earth Justice
I think he'll do just fine, after all, he will be working with Jackson. I have to wonder, though, what changes will be made to make the cheerful Hobbit story mesh in the movie LOTR world
I am a very big skeptic on this one. WE NEED IAN and HUGO to make this work number one! Number two, the feel, only in a different way to that of the LOTRs must be met. I am afraid, but have hope at the same time that Del Toro will do a good job. And Smaug CANNOT suck!!!
Ian will NOT be doing it. We pretty much have confirmation on that. I personally think we'll be seeing Hugo, though.

Del Toro is very committed to this project, and will have Jackson, Boyens, and Walsh there to help him out. Although I know that Del Toro will bring a different feel, I believe that The Hobbit is in capable hands.