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Thread: GDT hopes PJ will direct the Hobbit

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So do i <img src='/images/smileys/smile.gif' border='0' alt='Smile Smilie' />
You know I've come to the conclusion that PJ will end up directing if only because noone else seems to want to. And I'm sort of all right with the idea. He's not a bad director, if he overcomes his love of spectacle for its own sake he could be really good.
Having said that though after what happened to LoTR PJ, his missus, his missus mate and anyone else invovled in the horror story that was the LoTR script should not be allowed anywhere near TH script. If he justs directs I can just about cope with that but if he mucks TH script about like he did LotR it will be another disaster.
Who writes the script is a moot point now that it's done. And yes, it was the LOTR team (Jackson, Walsh, and Boyens) along with Del Toro. Sorry petty. :P

I agree that PJ is a good director but I would haved like to see a less LOTR-style adaptation. However, at this point in the project, we're going to see that no matter who directs. I just hope that PJ directs more like he did with [i:379dxpy7]The Fellowship of the Ring[/i:379dxpy7] than he did with [i:379dxpy7]King Kong[/i:379dxpy7].
Or likle he did with TT or RoTK.
True, though I think the seeds of the disaster that was King Kong were being sown in the second two LOTR films, even though they were very minor at that point.
Minor Eldo? Maybe to some but to me they were huge seeping boils on the bottom of film making and stood out like, well like huge seeping boils!
Then why do you want PJ to emulate the later two films? :lol:

On a more serious note, there were some pretty obvious signs of PJ's progression (degression?) into a more battle- and monsters-driven style of movie-making. However, I think that it only crossed a line in a few places when compared to King Kong which devoted at least a third of its running time to giant monster fights.
I think PJ went mad with spectacle because it was a new technology that he had revolutionized with LOTR and he wanted to really push the limits of it to make a name for himself. Now that he has, I hope he won't see any need to keep shoving his way down the CGI lane and go for something else (perhaps a more artistic route?) and make a new name for himself.
We'll see...
I dont Eldo, but I think it will happen and I'm trying to deal with that rather sad reality. If the inventive PJ of his early film career makes an appearence I will be happy- just not likely- the KK PJ is more likely to turn up.

Sadly Tin I think he just likes it, thinks its good. Which is a worry. He'd already won his CGI stripes with LoTR but didnt stop him going effects crazy in KK and ruining it completely. I really think he just doesn't have any discipline when it comes to where to stop using effects.
Pull the shutters down, movies have turned into adult cartoons, back to the books fella's, it's for the best.
Woo, the Cat is back! :mrgreen:

I wish I could share your optimism Tin, but I guess can still hope...

...only a fool's hope... :P
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