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Greetings, fellow Planetarians! Been gone a while, got back just in time. Have I been missed? Hope so, hope not. I just saw The Hobbit. Charming, beautifully done, VERY beautifully done... Thorin is wonderful, all one could hope for. All the dwarves are great! Fili and Kili, goodness gracious! Gandalf looks older, Galadriel looks younger. Elrond is gorgeous, what can one say... Yes, several liberties taken, but none struck me as violations of the spirit. Certain aspects stressed so as to enforce a point and set the scene for something else, but again, nothing offensive at all. Several surprises, mostly agreeable. Won't say more until we get a discussion going among viewers, don't want to spoil. I went in anxious, I came out happy. I went with my son and my mother, we all enjoyed. I will see it again, maybe twice more. Final conclusion at the moment: if you really want to enjoy the films, you should have gone through the books first. Still have some time, you guys and gals!

Welcome back Marghana Smile Smilie I love PJ's version of The Hobbit Smile Smilie

Everyone should read the book first if they want total awesomeness!

Just seen it as well, in 3d! It's so epic. I didn't want it to end and i just can't wait for the next one.

I must agree with Marghana, I went in with extreme anxiety but walked out with a smile on my face.  Fifteen years ago, I would have argued (an did!) that the MiddleEarth I love dearly could not be done justice.  I was pleasantly surprised and in some instances blown away with Jackson's work in LOTR, and feel the same way after viewing the Hobbit.  I look forward to the next episode and to reading new posts from those being introduced to Master Tolkien's world!

I went to see the Hobbit and enjoyed it a lot and even more the second time around too. True that some scenes were re-written but I understand why it was done. I don't feel that it affected the story negatively.

Now I am hungry to re-read LOTR and the Hobbit and eager for the next film. 1year is too long to wait for the next Hobbit film.

Can't wait until tomorow because Ill finally return to ME on the screen!!!

Can't wait until tomorow because Ill finally return to ME on the screen!!!

That's what I was doing. before the movie I avoided comments and opinions, even majority of the pictures and trailers Wink Smilie Too bad the movie just came into my country, so I many people watched it before and now I'm a bit delayed Wink Smilie

I'm waiting for your opinion about the movie, Brego! Good to see your posts again (not because you weren't posting, but because I wasn't online for some time Wink Smilie)

EDIT: Brego, I'm looking forward to you opinion about the music Wink Smilie

Indis, see the other movie post, but ill say here that the music was wonderful. The Dwarven theme is wonderful. And the return to Imladris made me cry. Namarie.

Good morning friends,

I saw this post here and I could not just leave it. I had to write down what I think of the movie. 
I am sorry I just pop out here and write down a more or less critical text without writing somthing about myself. I guess by the wander of my fingertips that this might be a sign of precaution. Being the loudest and as soon as it goes heavy keep quiet is nothing rare in our society...

The movie was, against my expectations, not bad. It was quiet good. I enjoyed the music, especially the song of the dwarves in the beginning. Made me shiver. 
Certain characters were developed quiet well (the brown magician for example) and the scene with all the orks in the mountains was striking. Really.

But like everything in live it also had some negative aspects in my opinion:
The sorcerer he invented was useless and considering that there are just very few magicians on middle-earth (gandalf and company) make it hard to believe that suddently there is a sorcerer trying out some things.
Additionally the meeting with Galadriel and Saruman was not that well either. Why put Saruman in that round? Just to creat some more background and connections even though Tolkien created a background for around 50 books to write?

Totally hated the german translation of one of the riddles of gollum (I watched it in german first), and I think it's sad that they changed the scene where Bilbo comes back to the group (after solving Gollums riddles). 
On the other Hand the technique is amazing. Nearly stunning!

My negative aspects are minor of course, but they're there... All in all it was a good movie, though not to compare with 'The lord of the rings', but good. And this is what counts, right?


Hi Tom. I don't mean to correct you, however the sorcerer or magician of DolGuldur is not invented. The Necromancer is mentioned a number of times in both The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings, as is the meeting of The White Council. If anything there are missing characters from The White Council as I believe that Cirdan along with possibly others of the Wisest Elves should have been present. Glorfindal I imagine would have been involved. That however is another debate.

I'm wondering if the translation, as you mentioned was very flawed.

Oh. It was a long time ago that I read the book 'the Hobbit'. Must have slipped my mind. Thank you for the correction! 
Yes Cirdan is missing too. The boatbuilder... You'd have to make a list about those missing characters.

Well the translation cut of more or less half of a riddle (the 'time' riddle) which was very unpleasant.

Cheers Tom. Lots of extra bits and pieces in the appendices of The Lord Of The Rings.

I could be completely wrong about this, but I believe the White Council did consist of multiple members, including Glorfindel, Cirdan and Radagast, but at that specific meeting it was only Galadriel, Saruman, Elrond, and Gandalf. IIRC I think I read this either in Unfinished Tales or in one of The Appendices.

Also the meeting itself was hardly mentioned in The Hobbit, so a lot of it is open for interpretation. In fact I'm pretty sure the specific term "The White Council" isn't even mentioned in The Hobbit or LOTR, thus the term can't be used, so technically it's "the gathering of white wizards and others of wisdom" or whatever it was they said. Careful, they might sue you for three words!!!

Haha Balrogs. Yes A Gathering of The Wise perhaps.

The White Council? How would Radagast get in that? Saruman disdained him for his rank, his odd ways, and the potential threat he posed. I highly doubt that Radagast would even want to be in it. He seems like more of a loner.

Well it's interesting, as is everything about Radagast...

Though he was a little loopy, he was still part of the Istari. He was powerful, just not as powerful as Gandalf or Saruman. And while there isn't much mention of him being in TWC, he is still believed to be a member. I can't remember where but I read a line about the three wizards in the council. Not verbatim obviously but you get the idea. It's another subtle Tolkien reference in which all signs point to he was.

And I doubt he was always like that. Living in solitude in the forests of ME for a few thousand years is what made him so....cooky and odd.

Oh and also I don't think Saruman ever feared Radagast. Disdained and made fun of yes, but he certainly did not view him as a threat. Gandalf was the one he feared...

All true. Saruman may have thought Radagast foolish, however he accepted help from him regarding the aid of his flocks of Crebain, to spy and watch over his region during and before the LOTR. Saruman fooled Radagast into thinking the birds would be used for good, not to spy on the Fellowship.

Well put yourself in Saruman's shoes. Radagast was friends with the birds and beasts of Middle-Earth. There were enough of these to make an army of foxes, squirrels, birds, etc. Saruman also may have feared that Radagast would stand up to him and present a real threat. Sauron didn't fear the Gondorians, but he did know they were a threat. He didn't fear Hobbits, and yet they were his downfall. My point is this, Saruman obviously knew Galadriel's philosiphy that even the smallest person can change the course of the future and he viewed Radagast as more than the smallest person. You have to admit, Radagast would have been a formidable ally against Saruman, even though he was of less rank. He had powers unique to himself. THat alone would be reason for Saruman to fear him.

That is of course true Durin. However Saruman had become, as Tolkien states, a traitor at heart, many years before. He had become paranoid and afraid. Sauron had filled his mind with visions of power and might thanks to the Palantir. He trusted no one, not even Grima and he became steadily more and more terrified that the ring would be found by someone other than himself. In his broken mind the ring would be his only salvation and he would destroy anyone who got in his way.

So Radagast would only be a threat to him by joining and helping The Wise.

Yeah I'd have to agree with Brego. Sure in a sense Saruman "feared" everybody. However I can assure you he did not see Radagast as a threat. He saw him more as a moron he could manipulate. Sure maybe if Radagast joined an army of maiar and powerful elves he'd be a good ally, but conversely Saruman doesn't need an army to take him down. And he certainly didn't fear the birds and beasts of ME, otherwise he would've been expecting an attack by the ents. And it's not like Radagast could just summon an army of animals overnight. His influence was very, very minor in ME. Not to mention Saruman already has plenty of evil and traitorous animals on his side.

So no, I don't think Radagast would stand a chance against Saruman.

Oh, and also Saruman "forgot" about the power of nature, animals and plants and had no respect for the good of Yavanna's gifts. For a Maia this is unforgivable as nature and its beasts, plants and spirits always require respect, as when roused no power on Heaven or Earth can contend with it. A lesson Saruman himself found out when he had his bottom kicked by Fangorn and his Ents. I wish the Professor had included Radagast in the chapter.
I saw hobbit......epic awesomnessssss!

Forgive me frends, but I stand by my belief that Saruman feared Radagast. A perfect example from my own experience; a very popular person in my clas is scared silly of a frend of mine, a nerd. The nerd is weaker and slower while the popular one is strong and a running back on the football team. The football player is scared of the nerd because the nerd has something the football player does not possess, knowledge. Those who are ignorant of the gifts and talents of others will always hold them in awe and in most cases fear.

Just saw the film again, this time in 2d, much better and I recommend that if you haven't already seen the film see it in 2d. Much more enjoyable.

Cried again during the Eagles rescue...... Simply breathtaking! The music, the savage and gentl Eagles of Manwe, Loved it!

Saruman being a traitor himself probably fell in his own trap. Maybe he saw a danger everywhere. It was the unexpected that he feared the most. For him the unlikely events were a danger, when Gandalf saw it as a chance. That's how I see it.

Cried again during the Eagles rescue...... Simply breathtaking! The music, the savage and gentl Eagles of Manwe, Loved it!

The Eagles make me cry everytime when they appear on a screen! Really, I don't know how it works Wink Smilie Maybe it's because I'm aware of how sacred they are, and how much their presence in ME is sacred.

Might be highly controversial but I enjoyed the hobbit more than the lord of the rings films... It felt more tolkien for me. The songs, the charm, the humour felt more tolkienesque. HOWEVER!! The use of cgi for the orcs was a huge mistake and the goblin town in the mountain felt like a children's movie because of this, e.g. Azog looked awful and the goblin king could have been much better with barry humphreys in prosphetics. Dont have a huge issue with the extra content (as most of it is tolkien anyway) but the hobbit doesnt need to be a prequel to lotr - it can stand alone. And more of effort should have been made to work it into the narrative. Repeat viewings and seeing the other 2 films will decide how it ranks next to the lotr but it is not where near as bad as most people say.
Every single moment when I was watching the movie, I was thinking that I watch something historical, that I m present when history is written; theHobbit in cinema!!! I loved the movie! I was thinking how it would have been if PJ had filmed Silmarillion in many many movies...