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What made me mad as Angband was that i heard a rumor that PJ might get the rights for the Silmarillion. Tolkien's most sacred canon book(in my opinion). After seeing his complete destruction of The Desolation of Smaug due to many unrealistic and scenes such as :orcs in Laketown! Really Mister Director, People would of still had more liking for the movie had it been MORE Purist and CANON. More Spiders, More Beorn, More Gandalf! It was a complete scandal to the Tolkien community and if PJ gets his hand on that beautiful work. Than every piece of our Beloved Professer's Works are going down into a fake Hollywood approach. So i can not wait to see what he does to part three: Thranduil dead, and Bard dead, maybe even Dwalin and Balin. I am so scared because PJ has disregarded Tolkien's canon and anything can happen to the most sacred books. It is a outrage, a complete outrage!

Where did you hear about Jackson and a silmarillion film? As of now, the only way he will make the movie is over Christopher Tolkien's dead body, literally. But CT is getting old too. As far as I know, only one JRR Tolkien heir is in good terms with Jackson. I don't think they rest would sell the rights to anyone at this time. Even JRR Tolkien regretted selling the rights to the hobbit and lotr.

PJ is also done with middle earth. It kinda sucks to be in his position, if he goes cannon then his producers flay him for not making money, if he goes Hollywood style then people like us get to shoot him. In addition, Christopher hates PJ, and would never give him the sil. Which really isn't fit for a movie, as it would be around 10 hours long.

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