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i would move into Pee-Wee Herman's Playhouse!
Be fair. It's called the House of Elrond.
you dear Vir........are equating PeeWee's playhouse with the house of Elrond? I am aghast.
And perhaps the dear dwarves are hardier and suffer more deeply and so would fare better in the warfare dept. and hardiness dept,(perhaps) but would not the beauty and the wonder be enjoyed all the more by the elves who love the grass and trees and all such beauty that the dwarves do not? And would not their keen eyesight and lightness of foot and great ability to run long distances make them hardy in a different sort of way?
haha MY OH MY that was funny, i set the pins up and Virumor knocks 'em all down! Bravo!
you dear Vir........are equating PeeWee's playhouse with the house of Elrond? I am aghast.

It was, in a less ludicrous way. I was thinking about something Master Samwise said :


`I can take you to them, sir,' said Sam. `It's a big house this, and very peculiar. Always a bit more to discover, and no knowing what you'll find round a corner. And Elves, sir! Elves here, and Elves there! Some like kings, terrible and splendid; and some as merry as children. And the music and the singing-not that I have had the time or the heart for much listening since we got here. But I'm getting to know some of the ways of the place.'

(from chapter Many Meetings, FOTR)
The word of the day kids is "Elves"
Oh we'unss likesses Elveses, yesss we'unss doess likesses Elveses, doesn't we.
Not really, I've always preferred Alves.
I am always grateful I am not eating or drinking anything when I read one of Vir's posts because I know I would start choking from laughing so hard.
Alves eh? Honestly, were you a contrary little person as a boy, or are you just being contrary for us because we need it , egos and all that?
I do think though that Elves and more Elves are lovely. I wonder if Elvis was an elf that lost his way because he had to dress and sound like a wierd Numenorian who had been on the high seas much too long?
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