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I'm pretty sure that both Utumno and Angband were destroyed along with most of Beleriand in the War of Wrath, and so don't exist anymore. Hi there, by the way.
as i was reading that chapter i just got the pictured that angband and utumno were destroied when the world was changed by all the rivers and oceans over flowing.
HowBoutThatElf: Welcome to the forum and I think you are right. Smile Smilie
Personaly i think Angband would have been a pretty cool place.. a great place to take the kiddies for a picnic! Big Laugh Smilie
Strange tastes you have... Or you must really hate your kids. Big Smile Smilie
...or have really WILD kids! (j.k.) Wink Smilie

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Kids need a good education too Tom.. they need to know how to build an evil fortress in case they want to rule the world one day
Fieonwe being the original name of Eonwe in Tolkien's earlier manuscripts (just to save confusion).

In these early writings, Fieonwe (Eonwe) was also said to be the son of Manwe and Varda too, until Tolkien later changed his mind about the Valar having children.
On the left will be Eonw’, the hard-*ss Maia.
Yo I just checked it again and it said that Tulkas was to fight him and on Tulkas left side there would be Fieonwe or something like that and then on the right Turin!!!
Maybe the Valar demolished it, or it was destroyed with Beleriand.
Kids need a good education too Tom.. they need to know how to build an evil fortress in case they want to rule the world one day

Yeh but nowa days what with smart bombs for want of a better word they are derillict!
Well, we are strange, Robbie, Matthew and I would love to go explore there, but not for a picnic.
yeah i think they were destroyed, im not sure because i haven't read the silmarillion in like a week, but wasn't Melkor chained using the same chains that Aule made way back before the eldar came to Aman? It would be hard to fit Utumno into the chains i think Howaboutthatelf is right Tongue Smilie
but wasn't Melkor chained using the same chains that Aule made way back before the eldar came to Aman?
Morgoth was twice chained with Angainor, a chain forged by Aule during the Eldar days. The second time, his iron crown was also reforged into a collar.
Yes need to thank me for my work on the Angainor....I know it was a good job.....but I read that Utumno was utterly destroyed and that Angband was the only one left.....but then the Valar smashed Beleriand so both are destroyed....if not they would only be visitable by Ulmo, Oss’ and other watercreaturesBig Smile Smilie
Not likely the land was upheaved by volcanic activety then sunk, t'is no more I tell you!
Technically he didn't, the Eru knew everything that all thee valar knew, did or were going to do. All the Ainur, elves and men were mearly reflections of the different personas of the Eru, so he was most probably on Arda to let all the peoples develope and evolve, being that although he wanted to control everyone he was in fact the personifaction of chaos and destruction!
Morgoth Bauglir why oh why did you turn away from the path of good? Why did you go against the will of Eru? Melkor the mighty this caused your destruction.....Why do these heinous crimes? *sob* Very Sad Smilie Sad Smilie
Yes I understand your point Ross....Indeed Eru needed Melkor to because or else there would not be does heroic acts and everything I know Ross.....
Morgoth never got destructed, he was only thrown into the Void but eventually he will get out to fight the last battle against the Valar. And who says he will lose?
He will lose, and will be killed by Turin Turambar (is that right?) I can't be bothered to go into ant more detail now, maybe someone else could take over.
Yeah, i read that Turin would defeat Morgoth in the final battle in the Chronicles of Arda site thing...but where was this story derived from? Is it actually in Tolkien's notes or in HOME?
Huh? Why does good always have to overcome in the end...
But Morgoth is smarter for sure.
Yeah, i read that Turin would defeat Morgoth in the final battle in the Chronicles of Arda site thing...but where was this story derived from? Is it actually in Tolkien's notes or in HOME?
It's in Morgoth's Ring, I believe, which is Book 10 of the HOME series.
Because he wanted to act tough instead of smart, which wasn't really smart of him of course.
Tulkas will not fight Melkor....but Tur’n will....this is because of all the pain and misery that the lier Morgoth had brung upon the house of Hur’n! Tur’n will get revenge on Morgoth as equals....and then Melkor will be no more....So he will be killed eventually....But Tulkas has already kicked Melkors butt and I believe that he laughed in Melkors' face when he had wrestled him down! TULKAS RULES!!!

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Correction Tulkas has kicked Melkor's butt! Big Smile Smilie
Yes I know that Tulkas kicked Melkors' butt! He descended into Arda for that sole pourpose! Right?
Of course he could! That’s why he came into Arda in the first place!
I'm still not sure i like the concept of Turin being the one to finish off the ultimate evil. I think Turin is one of the coolest characters (i even named the hero of a video game, Shining Force 1 and 2, after Turin) but to think that one of the Edain is capable of doing that, WOW!!!
Well I think that it was that Morgoth and Turin will be fighting each other as equals in power(or maybe this is a flashback from when Belgarion is about to fight Torak?) and this is because Morgoth had put alot of misery and lies and curses upon the house of Hurin!
It will probably be like this that T’rin is using Gurthang and Morgoth Grond....They would become bigger and bigger until they are of equal height and strength....just like the fight scenes of Belgarion vs Torak and Durnik vs Nahaz!!! That is how I think of it....and everyone else is watching and eating popcornBig Smile Smilie
hahahhaha Orc Smiling Smilie Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
I think Turin probably could defeat Morgorth in a battle. The reason I belive this is that Morgorth is crippled due to his previous fight, his hands are burnt from the simarils and the main factor, he has lost most of his power. Morgorth gave up his power due to his wrath and his chief power that remains is fear. Turin would be so blinded by hatred for Morgorht that his fear would not affect him and more to the point Morgorth probably fears Turin for all the acts he caused to his forces. Slaying Orcs and killing Glaurang, has to count towards some doubt in Morgorth's abbility to fight this warrior. Maybe Tulkas doesn't want to fight Morgorth for the sole reason of letting him be beat by someone he doesn't consider his equal will completely crush his spirit!
Very well put Ross!!!!
Very well indeed! I completely agree with you in lack of better sentence to put it in!
Some good arguments there Ross. Morgoth, had diffused his power throughout Middle Earth in an attempt to have control over mortal hroa (the stuff from which bodies are built). In doing so, unlike the other Valar, he was now bound to his physical body too and could not shed it like his counterparts. As such, he was now vulnerable to mortal weapons.

It's kind of fitting that after all his family had been put through, that Turin should be the one to finally kill him in the Dagor Dagorath. Like you said, he was carrying many wounds from his battle with Fingolfin and the buring from the Silmarils. He was not quite the adversary that faced Fingolfin.

It should not be forgotten either that in that final battle, although Turin delivered the fatal blow, he was not fighting Morgoth alone. He was fighting on the left of Tulkas, with Eonwe on Tulkas's right. With those two assisting me, I think I might be able to take out Mike Tyson without too much problem.

"Hold him down for me Tulkas, while I stick my sword in him."
Aaaargh! What to do? I'm drawn between the bad sid of me and the good side of me !!

Just make sure you're wearing ear muffs!
I'm thinking i need to read HOME now that i know Tulkas and Eonwe are fighting as well. that puts a whole new spin on things.
I haven't come across a very detailed description of the battle yet though, Uruk. I think I included a transcript from what I had found in another thread somewhere (maybe the Final Battle thread).
Who changed the name of this thread???
I was wondering that too.
I mean what the heck the name of it was before I do not know but it was definately not Morgoth Domicile!!! Strange Elf Confused SmilieElf Confused Smilie
Moderator Smilie It was I. This thread was originally named Morgoth and was a question about where his kingdom went when Melkor was tossed in the void.

Rather than moving it to Characters because the topic changed to dwell on him rather than his dwelling place, I decided to just make the name of the topic more appropo in hope that you might take the hint. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Say what now???? hehehe well what does Domicile mean Grondy??? Is it latin? or elvish? Wink Smilie
Domicile: noun, 1. Place of residence; an abode; a house or home. - Maquarie Dictionary

That is, it is Morgoth's home. Not a place you want to go. Wink Smilie
Ahhh okey....thanks Allyssa!!
Aha thanks both Peredhil and Val!
It really cleared it up! THANKS!
Isn't Morgoth going to be accompanied by Sauron or someone else in that final battle? Otherwise it would be rather unfair to fight a crippled Vala (Fingolfin cut off his foot).
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