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Has any one seen Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince yet?

I know they had to leave a lot out; did they stick with the book's story general plot line?

Please give warnings prior to any spoilers with a SPOILER ALERT in case anyone hasn't yet read the book.
I am scheduled to see the movie tomorrow, Saturday afternoon.
No I haven't yet, Calving has just started so I'm just too busy, I only get one weekend off a month until calving is finished, But I can't wait!!! the previews look brilliant. Have you heard they are turning deathly hollows into two films?
Yes I read that HP: DH will be split into two films. I think it was in the HP: HBP review in the latest issue (August 2009) of Realms of Fantasy magazine.

I liked the movie. Other than burning down Weasley Manse and giving Luna one of Tonks' scenes, they didn't take too much license in cutting out about half of the story and what was there hung together. I suppose that was because JKR okayed the final script. It wasn't too dark and the little kids I saw actually watching didn't appear to be scared out of their wits. I did lose a couple tears at the end, but not nearly as bad as after reading the book the first time. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
I am really looking forward to seeing this. It just depends when I can get down to the theatre to see it. I'll probably as usual see it on DVD when it comes out. When I like a film, I plan on going to see it big screen, but I end up not going and then missing it all together until I remember suddenly, then having to cope through the pain in the backside we have here in England; waiting for 6 months before it is released on DVD. Hopefully I can remember to go and see it. My memory is about as Holey as the Good Book. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
First post!
I saw the movie a few days ago, and to be honest I can't remember much of it. Really, it's the same as all the other movies and books. Harry is at Dursley's house. Doesn't like it. Goes to Weasley's house for remainder of summer. Likes it. Goes to school. Something bad about school or growing sense of badness. Maybe a few Quidditch matches thrown in. Then at end of year, something really bad happens, usually involving Voldemort. End of book/movie.
I remember being annoyed that the Weasley's house got destroyed, since it wasn't in the book. A lot of things got switched around and changed, though I can't think of any specifics since as I already said I can't remember much of it. Bit of a disappointment.
Glad to have joined planet tolkien!
I saw the movie too. It was sad, all from beginning to the end. Too dark for my liking. Still what Snape did was grate. And as I knew it comes I was not angry, yet I also shared a tear and more, on Headmaster's death. Bad King Smilie oops, you new that was coming, right?!

Anyway, Rowling remains one of my favorite, and even the movies are good enough to make me be impatient for the last part. Just can not wait! Very Evil Smilie
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