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The sequel is coming out soon. CAN"T wait. I'm not sure if its going to be good or not though, because sequels are always iffy, especially with disney. But Jack Sparrow shouls make it worth it. =). i really didn't like elizabeths character though. she was really annoying. but Keira Knightly is a good actress, just a little conceited.
It took me a bit, but I finally figured out that POTC is Pirates of the Caribbean. As the original was good clean fun, let us hope the sequel, if there is one, will be too.
There is going to be a sequel, called "Dead Man's Chest"; you can already watch the trailer for it on the net, even.

And I thought Miss Swann and her accent were quite lovely.
Yes, the trailor was good. i saw it in theatre when i went to watch narnia so it's been a while. and for sure there gonna be a third one too so BONUS.

i still dunt like miss swann
im sooo goin to c that, along with my entire class probably.....
I don't know if you guys noticed, but there was a full moon everynight. And how did the Black Pearl sail if it's sails are all ripped. Also,in the beginning of the movie, non of the bullets hit jack when it was open fire. In history, the "P" was suppose to be burned into the pirated forehead and not the arm. But i guess all disney movies have things in it that dunt make sense in them.
Yeh, and the pirates of the Black Pearl were undead skeletons!! Jeez, that movie doesn't make sense at all! Man, it's gotta be some weird fantasy adventure movie, don't ye think?

Big Laugh SmilieIm still looking forward to see it on big screenSmile Smilie
Omg! i saw the newest trailor. Now im having a heart attack. i think something is going on betweeb elizabeth and jack. i got jelouse, lol, i love Jack sooo much. i don't think i can handle all this waiting. *** elizabeths character sounds better in the second one***
i've been waiting for ever for this sequel to come out and i can't wait till july. somethings going on between jack and elizabeth!!!!! poor will.
Yeah.. it took me a while too to figure out it was Pirates Of The Carribean! I loved the first one.. It had suspension, love, mystery, action and a funny drunkard! What more next?? When the next one comes out, i will certainly be seeing that one to see what will be instore!! Smile Smilie
When the next one comes out, i will certainly be seeing that one to see what will be instore!!

Just the approved Hollywood recipe : more of the same, only worse.
lol. thats ok. hey it may be good and diff. you never know. and, like i said many times before, if it bad johnny depp will make it worth it * in love with him>.<. but can u blame me*
(' w ')
cynical old coot.....

In history, the "P" was suppose to be burned into the pirated forehead and not the arm.

i just got back from a trip to Washington D.C. (capital of America, ring any bells?)
anyway, while there we also went to jamestown where there used to be the state court of Virginia and the guy there said that they would brand people on the hand with the crime they commited, R for rape, t for thief, p for piracy...
so i guess it would very where the brand went
i just got back from a trip to Washington D.C. (capital of America, ring any bells?)

Should it? Just another city in the world... I'm quite happy with my Mumbai, thank you.

Anyway, I liked the first one. I liked Depp. Hope the second one is good too.

i just got back from a trip to Washington D.C. (capital of America, ring any bells?)

As for as I know, it's the capital of the United States of America. America is a continent, hence consisting of many countries, although I am aware that many inhabitants of the USA like to use that name as a pars pro toto for their own country. I never understood why, though. Amerigo Vespucci must be rolling in his grave.
cynical old coot.....


lol. dunt mess with johnny.
capitol of the US of A
and i was talking bout Mir...
wait its Vir now...
or was it Vir and now its Mir?
Wasnt this about Pirates of the C ? what do you think about Keith Richard beeing the father of Jack Sparrow ?Johnny Depp said (so the media says )he was his inspiration for the caracter as a pirate..I think its kind of coolSmile Smilie
ye ...way cool. this movies going to be LIVE! *getting too excited*

(' w ')
I particularly enjoyed the music /soundtrack in the first one. (Not to mention Mr. Depp's captivating performance along with an excellent story and rather amusing and clever adaptations of scenes from Walt Disney's theme park ride of the same name).

I'm looking forward to going to see the sequal in Hollywood on opening weekend. (yay!) Smile Smilie

BTW, to whomever (Virumor?) was being picky about the word "America"..... it isn't merely citizens of the USA who call themselves Americans, nor is it only US citizens who commonly refer to their country as "America". The rest of the world does it, too. Wink Smilie
I'm looking forward to going to see the sequal in Hollywood on opening weekend.

IN HOLLYWOOD *gasp* lol. i'm not even allowed to watch it in theatre, and have to endure the torture of waiting untill it comes out on DVD. if i could have it my way, i would go to the world premier. *sigh*

if only if only the wood pecker sighs
the bark on the tree was as soft as the skies
while the wolf waits below hungry and lonley
he cries to the moon
if only if only

(' w ')
The rest of the world does it, too.

Well, I for one never call America America.
y would you not call it america? lol. this topic seems to be more discussed than the actual movie.
Okay, let’s get back to the movie. How about we do a lil quiz.
First question:

How many times does Jack get slapped in the movie? (curse of the black pearl)
funny Smile Smiliemy guess is 4 times ..all from women the way : luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv your avatarSmile Smilie
*thnkx Mellon >.<*

That's right he got hit 4 times.

next question:

In Curse of the Black Pearl, how many pigs was Mr. Gibbs sleeping on when awakened by Jack in Tortuga?
okay, i guess that no one knows that one. Let's try something easier shall we. hmmm.... okay.

third question:

How many identical peices were in the chest of cortez?
999 in the chest, only lacking the one that caused all the trouble?
no, but that is a good guess!

Anyone else wanna have a go ? (Or Grondy you can try again)
2 (pigs)?
863 (pieces of curs’d gold)?

I know I'm wrong on one if not both of those.

greenleaf, I'd like to console you somehow about how terrible it is that you have to wait till it comes out on dvd to see it, but hadn't we all better wait and see if it's any good before handing out consolation prizes? If it's terrible, I shall have wasted rather a lot more money than anyone should spend on a mere movie to go see it, and you'll have to be consoling me!

Predict plot details of the next film! Who thinks Bootstrap Bill is going to show up as part of Davy Jone's crew?
That would be so dry if he was a part of Davvy jones crew. And lets hope it isn't a bad movie, so that you wouldn't be wasting your money in seeing it, and i'll be satisfied that the wait was worth it.
BTW, the amount of pigs was right, so YAY POUR VOUS! lol. but unfortunatly, you didn't get the amount of curs’d gold correct. But u were very close, so yay pour vous again!

Ne one else wanna give a go, or should i post the answer and the next question?
Number of coins? 666 in honor of today's date, but not in honor of the beast.
Can you imagine being born on this date? just think that there are thousands of babies being born around the world, with the devils number as their birthdate.

That wasn't the correct number, though. sorry. i think it time i post the answer, which was 882 identical coins made.

fourth question:

Before he became commador, what was Norringtion's title?
'Chief Cook and Bottle-washer'?

Sorry, it has been a while since I watched the movie.
LOL. no actually, it's none of those. here's a hint. it starts with a "L", and end with a "T".
Aw, Left-tenant or Lieutenant as some people more like me are want to say.
That's right. YAY GRONDY!!!!

next question:

who was it that placed the curse on the gold? one. okay then i'll go on to the next question.

how did Jack really escape the godforsaken island the first time?
He caught a lift with some rum smugglers? (I've only watched the movie twice, but I do own the DVD letterbox version.)
Right again. Grondy i think your the only one that replies to this.

ok let's have the next question:

When does Jack say this line
She's safe on board, just like i promised. she's going to marry commador just like she promised, and you get to die for her just like you promised. so were all men of our word really. except for elizabeth who is in fact a woman.
i just read the book that was based on POTC2. and all i can say is OMG. OMG OMG OMG. reading it was definatly a spoiler. i can't beleive the end, but in the same sense, i noe what has become of him, bc then there can be no third movie. DEAR LORD. now i am dyeing. i want to see the second and the THIRD! Jack you've done it again. i can't believe Elizabeth and the commador. grrr. wow. GASp
Someone rescue her from Johnny Depp please! Or should it be the other way 'round?
I watched PotC: Dead Man's Chest earlier this afternoon in the theatre with buttered popcorn and a diet cola. I laughed my buns off and really appreciated those pirate exercise toys: the Bucky-ball and tread wheel. I remember when my kids got their first gerbil; we had an eight inch diameter clear plastic ball that the gerbil road in and rolled all over our living room rug, which was fun to watch, but we did have to put the cats out when this was going on.

So, how do the Scandinavians pronounce 'Kraken'? I pronounce it crack-ken

I'll buy the DVD when it comes out.
Ah so it's worth spending the money on, do you say, Grondy? Good good. It releases here on the 21st. I hope to be able to see it then..
its pretty good
it should go on for a little longer
but other than that
johnny depp is cool
i dont really like mr. bloom tho....and if you wait through all the credits not only will you know the name of mr. blooms driver, but there is an extra scene at the very end
So, how do the Scandinavians pronounce 'Kraken'? I pronounce it crack-ken

My, that is a lot of k-s you've got there. I'd say Kra-ken.
i say it crake-in
like cake
except with a r
Smile Smilie
I saw it today, and I guess it was OK... the first 75 minutes are tedious, as nothing seems to happen safe some Monty Python like sketches but in the hour after that things get better.

I think Mr Bloom actually did a rather good job in this film, compared to the first POTC movie and his last vehicle, Kingdom of Heaven.
Finally I saw it last nigth with my father Smile Smilie We both had a good laugh at some of Jack Sparrow's comment's ! Johnny Depp does an excellent caracther . I too agree that Orlando Bloom did a better job in this one .Anyway I had a good time at the movies Happy Elf Smilie
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