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i saw it about a 2 weeks ago, it was amazing, i would love to go and see it again. The Crackon wasnt that scary, couldve had more teeth Big Smile Smilie. Comments of Johnny Depp make the film great, i loved the first one, it was a sequel that was worthy of the first one. Yes, Orlando did you a better job, less posh i think, more of a rugged look. I would so see again Big Smile Smilie
We both had a good laugh at some of Jack Sparrow's comment's !

Captain Jack Sparrow.
Of course Vir Big Laugh Smilie Captain Jack Sparrow is the proper way ...
Maybe the good time and the funny laughs was because your very nice dad Angel Smilie held your hand and comforted you, Mell, every time you became to scared of KRAKEN and wanted to run away from the movie. So I'm told!! Very Big Grin Smilie
No, me thinks you heard it wrongly: it was probably one of her children that offered her that comforting hand. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
NO we saw it before mom she worked at that time. My grandpa (Rafael ) and my
were watching it at the same time Sir Grondy Big Laugh Smilie
Perhaps anyone can advice me how to correct my youngest daughter's oldest son??!! Shouldn't he be diciplined?!!? Shocked Smilie Animated Wink Smilie So Angry Smilie Elf Winking Smilie
Perhaps anyone can advice me how to correct my youngest daughter's oldest son??!!

Why, Mellon is female and you are her father?! This forum never fails to baffle me.
Ah, three generations of Tolkeinites. I've found disciplining my grandson is the perview of my daughter and all I may do is give him a verbal chewing out once in a while, if and when she isn't around. If I do this excessivly my daughter takes umbrage. Usually all it takes is to tell him I'm disappointed with his actions and he reverts to a more civilized fourteen year old. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Ok let us get this right :Mellon ..mother of Ereinion only 12 years old (his sister Nina is 15..nothing to do with PT )
Rafael is Mellon's father and we are all joining PT having a good time here Happy Elf Smilie
Bwahahaha.. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near the forums my parents read.. Although I wonder if it would matter because they can't understand what I say most of the times anyway Tongue Smilie Maybe that's true of most people too though Paranoid Smilie
I'm so excited! I'm gonna see PotC2 tomorrow night!! YAY!!! I've been waiting for this movie for like, forever.
who was it that placed the curse on the gold?

the heathen gods
When does Jack say this line
She's safe on board, just like i promised. she's going to marry commador just like she promised, and you get to die for her just like you promised. so were all men of our word really. except for elizabeth who is in fact a woman.


Near the end of the movie when Will rescues him from being hanged. (Johnny does a wonderful job of playing Captain Jack Sparrow! So funny! He's got to be one of my favourite actors.)

Ooh this is fun! gimme more questions!
more questions? lol. okay then.

what is the name of the actor that plays Davy Jones in the second movie?

btw i agree. i LOVE jack! but i guess i made that way too abviouse by now. lol
Bill Nighy ?Love the second movie tooSmile Smilie
Yes, Mellon's got it! Bill was brilliant in Love Actually - I loved that movie actually Big Laugh Smilie
THIRD MOVIE COMING OUT SOON. i saw this mini clip. Captain jack sparrow's like " didn't anyone come to rescue me just because they miss me." i was lyke "hell! MUAZZZZ!!!" i think this one is about one final battle. i was watchn an interview with johnny (damn he's hot) DEAAR LORD I CAN"T WAIT!!!
New movie coming out soon, eh?

Well, then I hope Miss Swann and Cap'n Sparrow will be united in holy matrimony. I also hope that Mr Turner will do something useful for once, like throwing himself on his cutlass. That'd be more enticing than being forced to watch some wooden attempts at mimicking Errol Flynn for over 2 hours.
Well, then I hope Miss Swann and Cap'n Sparrow will be united in holy matrimony. I also hope that Mr Turner will do something useful for once, like throwing himself on his cutlass.

i hope so too

the third movie is calledPirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End you can see few pictures of it online. eek
3 days to go Smile Smilie Then 'll see Captain Jack Sparrow in the cinemas again..can't hardly wait
And it was indeed worth waiting for Smile Smilie Brilliant acting and lots of humourSmile Smilie

hahahahah... the wedding scene hilariouse!!

jack was as beautiful as always and sooo funni! In Love Smilie
had to admit WILL looked good too...and FINALLY came to cum use

really twisted

again LOVED IT!

o ye so worth it!!
and there was a cute ending at after the Credits
The second movei was alright. Still thought the first one was funnier, though. All that Davy Jones stuff sortta got on my nerves, and the whole Jack-Will-Commodore fighting each other for the heart thing was VERY annoying. I was on the edge of my seat, shouting "DAMN, but can't you guys just get the darned box and settle this whole thing later??? Of course, Miss Swann was shouting practically the same thing, but they ignored her, so I figured they wouldn't pay me much attention... Anyways, that scene was very annoying.
It needs be said that the first movie (and the others, partly) is a rip-off of LucasArts’ classic The secret of Monkey Island adventure game series. Let’s see, in the first game there’s this wannabe pirate named Guybrush Threepwood who goes to Melee Island and falls head-over-heels in love with the stunning Governor Elaine Marley, but his sweetheart is kidnapped by an undead pirate captain and his skeleton crew of cutthroats’ and then the newly become pirate hero goes chasing after her, after assembling a motley crew of pirates himself. They also get married in the third game, and the main villain from the first game also resurfaces in the second game.

Even the humour is similar to POTC, only funnier.
sufficed to say there reli is nuttn original ne more

i loved the third movietho *eek*
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