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Bad taste of cource Smile Smilie
Anyone here seen it.
If im not completely mistaken it is a peter jackson film.
If im not completely mistaken it is a peter jackson film.

Braindead? Heavenly creatures? King kong?

Yeh, those are alright.
It seems silly, but I have always really loved the movie Twister. The Pistol and Dead Poets Society have been favorites since I was a kid. I can watch all three of them over and over again. Although, I didn't know there was a Dead Poets Society book until I had read some of these threads. I am going to track that down ASAP.
I grew up loving Parent's Trap. Those two girls were my idols!
Is that were you get some of your Faery tricks from... A few lizards on on the head... Sleeping tablets and send them up river on a blow up bed? Or just simple buckets of paint? I can see it now, though it would mean that there are two Clovers... *points and laughs at Vir*
though it would mean that there are two Clovers...

That might explain the insane amount of energy she has. Either that or too much sugar.
Let's just hope the lil sylph(s) do(es) not stray on the same path as Miss Lohan.
I saw The painted Veil staring Naomi Watts and Edward Norton and I think it was a beautiful drama from 1925 in China
I saw The painted Veil staring Naomi Watts and Edward Norton and I think it was a beautiful drama from 1925 in China

Hollywood used the time machine?
Hollywood used the time machine?

You may say that but it was a very good film with no Hollywood drama .It took place in China when the epidemic Cholera was all over in Shanghai in a little village.
The struggle for finding the source and help to save those poor souls were very good portrayed by Edward Norton
It took place in China when the epidemic Cholera was all over in Shanghai in a little village.
The struggle for finding the source and help to save those poor souls were very good portrayed by Edward Norton

Shanghai is a little village? And if the epidemic was 'all over', why do the poor souls need help?
It took place in China when the epidemic Cholera was all over in Shanghai in a little village.

Vir oh Vir .....sorry, I put it all wrong..... don't be that stubborn ...I meant to say when the epidemic where all over ..and I'm sure you know as well as the rest of us that Shanghai is not a small village ..I meant to write a little village outside Shanghai
Anyway i think you ought to see it
Me thinks Mellon actually meant to say the epidemic had spread over a very large number of people and areas, rather than that it had run its course.

And 'run its course' means it couldn't find any more people who could be easily infected. Teacher Smilie
I love the Terence Hill and Bud Spencer movies, my favourite is 'They call me Trinity' and 'Trinity Is STILL My Name!'

I think Grondy likes them, I remember about a year ago he posted it in older movies... Gotta laugh and love 'em...
I cannot get enough of The Phantom of the Opera.The songs and the story.Wow.
And I am very dissapointed about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movies.I just recently acquired P.S I Love You and i cried buckets.

Why does Gerard Butler movies make me cry?
Second that, Odette, I cannot still understand how one movie can be so magnificent not only as a movie, but also as a very fantastic musical and beautiful breath-taking adventure about love, I had watched quite a few POTO versions just for fun, but when I saw the '04 re-make five years ago, it instantly became my favourite number one movie. Later I downloaded it on my computer, and then I ordered the special edition from one store. Smile Smilie So, Phantom of the Opera it shall be.
I just viewed the newly-released DVD of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. My kids and I thought it was very well done, exciting, and very funny in many parts. The casting was great with a very believable Logan Lerman as Percy, the son of Poseidon. Zeus was very well played by Sean Bean, Chiron the centaur teacher by Pierce Brosnan, and Medusa by Uma Thurman. The special effects were fantastic and certainly added to the director's ability to retell the Greek myths.
For a serious favorite film I like the black and white Anna Karenina starring Vivien Leigh.
For comedy I absolutely love Clifford ,starring Martin Short(from SCTV) who is in his thirties when he plays a ten year old who is so badly behaved, devious and frustrating that it is breathtaking and hysterically funny. I love certain lines that Clifford's uncle Martin says to his nephew once he realizes he is the child from hell. I never viewed the movie ever as it seemed too stupid to believe that Martin could play a ten year old, but once I got into the movie I never thought of that again and I bought him , totally. I laughed until I felt ill. Smile Smilie
@Gandalf:Really?Then my cousin was right.I will go right ahead and risk Percy J.

There was a movie long back called Donnie it.I however tend to like all movies of Johnny Depp Very Big Grin Smilie Cannot get over Capt. Jack SparrowSmile Smilie
@Leelee: you are backSmile SmilieHello
one of my favourite movies, and im watching right now, is called "Deathwatch"a lowbudget horrow movie, ill copy and paste a review, short summary,-
wikedpedia, Smile Smilie
not scary but sorta sad how scared the characters are Smile Smilie
Pan's Labyrinth and The Fall!
The Shawshank Redemption is an incredible film - recently there was another good Morgan Freeman movie called Invictus, I highly recommend it (it was directed by Mr C. Eastwood himself) - but I have to say (at great risk of sounding biased) my favourites have to be the great trilogy. They recieved 17 Oscars amongst hundreds of other awards, had near-perfect cinematography, special effects, acting, script, soundtrack - and of course their plot was created by the revered author himself. I know many on here would criticise them for their deviation from the books' every detail, but I feel that you really have to see these movies as works of art in their own right, and from that angle they are absolutely stunning.
Enough said.
Without including the trilogy of course Wink Smilie I love the princess bride, the neverending story, labyrinth, dark city and willow. Probably couldn't pick a favorite out of those really.

I quite liked Moon last year, went to see Inception a few nights ago - even though it was good it seemed to be trying to get too much into 2 1/4 hours. Worth seeing for the soundtrack alone though - Hans Zimmer is a genius. Moon still very far in the lead in my books though.

I have to agree with you about the Shawshank redemption Fornac, the part were Andy escapes and stands on the river bank in the rain still gives me goosebumps.
I'm not sure that I have an actual favorite movie, cause depending on my mood I keep changing my mind so I'll just list some of the movies I do enjoy and will watch over again.
Forrest Gump, 13th warrior, LOTRs, all the Harry potter movies, all the Pixar movies except cars which I thought was dumb,Shawshank, the green mile, groundhog day, Braveheart, Avatar.....and heaps others that I can't think of right now.
I saw Moon as well, 42. I think that I was expecting a clich’d sci-fi action flick, but actually it was really very good, and spoke to me a lot about the human soul. I won't give any spoilers to anyone, but I recommend it a lot! Big Smile Smilie

LOTR of course....but AVATAR is great, lost count how many times I've watched it.  I love films and tidied up my DVD's the other day and couldn't believe I have over 500 - some belong to hubby. 

Couldn't believe how many Martial Arts films I have....and....they are all mine, my precious 

I loved Shawshank redemption.quite impractical but really hopeful.Forrest Gump is good too.

But the trilogy is a class of its own.I don't care much for the harry potter movies.

A movie I can watch a zillion times apart from the trilogy are The Matrix movies.Heavenly action.I liked Wanted and Nolan's Batman series.

But something to satiate me when I'm extremely low is...please don't laugh...The devil wears pradaSmile Smilie

And Finding Neverland

Let me see,

I could watch The Sound Of Music over and over WestSideStory too.

I remember being a kid and these movies would come on TV but once a yr!!

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Wizard of OZ, Beauty and the Beast


I like all of PeeWee Hermans movies

Anything with Robin Williams (Bird Cage is my fav)

Russell Crow movies

300 and finally the most funniest stupid movie ever...HOUSE BUNNY

yeah... I Just said House Bunny

Anything by George Lucas.

I love zombie movies, especialy those of  George A. Romero. The best of course are the first ones, Dawn of the Dead, Night of the living Dead ect..

Another great trilogy i love is the Bourne trilogy with Matt Damon

I have a few that I'd consider my favorites, depending on the type of movie I wanted to watch. my "historical" drama-ish fave would be Braveheart. I know Mel Gibson's gone loony and all but that doesn't make me stop hating that movie. I don't know how many times I've seen it but it's been bunches. When it comes to science fiction, my favorite would have to be "Blade Runner". I love, love, LOVE that movie. Fantasy movies, it's a toss-up between the LoTRO trilogy and the original Star Wars trilogy. They're both great in their own ways, complete with great characters, a universe that seems real, and killer soundtracks.

I once said that POTO (Phantom of the Opera, specifically: 2004 re-make) is my most favourite movie, and that is true enough, but one of my other long-time favourites is Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. It's all the same if I read that book once again, watch it as theatrical version, or if I watch old versions of that movie, or that newer one, it still rocks. Smile Smilie

An addition to my list of favorites has to be Sweeney Todd:The demon barber of fleet street.

I saw it only recently wanting to watch to it for a long time and was I blown away. Depp and Burton and Carter I've always admired,but in this one it's just like magic..the acting,the songs,the camera work,the actors,the vision. Though I've failed to see the original I found this one madly entertaining.All hail DeppSmile Smilie

I love pretty much anything by Tim Burton, that and The Snowman and Willow.

I am a huge Tim Burton Fan, so just about anything from his fertile brain.

I also like Gerard Butler and wept buckets at certain scenes from Letters From Frankie( I hope that is what it is called, I sometimes say it incorrectly)

I was priveleged to be taken to Phantom of the Opera, the stage production by a dear friend for my birthday one year and got Andre Lloyd Webber's autograph. He was such a personal chap, really almost humble I would say, certainly not a prima donna.

I like so much the vintage movie The Lady Vanishes, spies, intrigue and hilarious moments. in and outside of the fictional country of Mandrika. Stellar.

Let's give our top-5 favorite movies:

Blade runner.
The godfather I.
Per qualche dollaro in piu.
The Empire strikes back.

Top 5 movies..?...Ok

LOTR (of course)

After Sunset

Before Sunrise

Star Wars

Harry Potter (all this cheating ?)

LOTR definately favourite, but I like all sorts. 'Life is Beautiful' is a fantastic film, goes from hilarious to gut-wrenchingly sad and a very moving italian film. ( I used subtitles)

For all round entertainment I just love 'Stardust', there's romance, action, bucket loads of imagination, and good humour. Even the scene transittions are quirky.

Then there's 'Into the Wild' a film I saw recently by Sean Penn. As a young person trying to work out what to do in life, I found this a fascinating true story of a young man who gives away all his money and sets out for Alaska to live in the wild. 

My top 5 other than LOTR...


Blade Runner

Matrix (the first one)

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane (cant wait for a remake, my cast is Tilda Swinton and Cate Blanchet)

The Descent

Of course LOTR goes without saying. Just mean 'other,' I freaked out at Blade Runner. Too much coldness and hopelessness for me. So those two made it, all the others that didn't..................

When I feel a need to really laugh the Marx Brothers are fine. We had company once with a couple I was rather nervous about. The gentleman was rather dry and a bit stuffy and , well, you know. I left him in the living room with one of the guys and they were watching Day at the Races, and he had never viewed the Marx brothers in the whole of his life. I heard this wierd sound and went hurrying into the living room. This same person was screaming with laughter and had fallen to the floor and was dragging himself over to grab a chair and sit down once more. I was so astounded and it took months to get over that er. wierd scene.

Oh yes..LeeLee.. I agree about the Marx Brothers..Groucho Marx was the king of the favourite line......"I never stopped laughing from the moment I picked up your book, to the moment I put it down.......some day I must get around to reading it...."


Recently I saw Black Swan.Gave me slight "eww" moments but what a movie.This is like an awesome sequel to Requiem for a Dream.

Agreed Odette re black Swan what an amazinf film, I left the theater feeling very drained...

Yes Alana,he was great, you made me smile. Ah Brego, it made me feel sad somehow that you felt so drained.

Have any of you seen Clifford though, with Martin Short? I just can't get over thta he played a ten year old when he was in his forties and also an aging priest in the same film I laughed so hard that I felt too weak and worn out to do anything after and it is one show that I can watch over and over and over and still laugh and laugh and learn. The things that' child' did were so upsetting and so totally hilarious. And I found, to my alarm, that I identified with poor uncle Martin on some levels, uncle martin being played by Charles GRodin.

I just watched Inception for the first time today, at first it just confused me, but, intrigued, I read the plot on Wiki and *got it*

What an incredibly complex and multi layered movie, Though Cobb's wife still confuses me to some extent, I will watch again after I've had a few more hours to digest it.

The movie Orphan was pretty good. Although it's very confusing until she calls the Sorone Institute(did I spell it right?).

Dear Rho,I know exactly how you feel about "Inception".A friend and I went for the movie and we were quarreling for the next 48 hours about the spinning top and whether Cobb went into that irretrievable state.Very layered,true,but I thought the action was very "Matrix".Interesting movie,no doubt.

And Boromir,I haven't heard about "Orphan".I'll check it outSmile Smilie

I had to borrow a copy of the inception DVD off a friend and watch it a few more times. Not sure I liked the bit with the top at the end - seemed almost like a blade runner reference to me when the story had been fairly straight forward until then (ie - he's not dreaming, not that the whole thing was easy to understand! Just that that part didn't seem to be in question) unlike in blade runner/do androids dream of electric sheep when it wasn't clear the whole way through.

Well .. favourite film.. if we are talking "of the moment" Im hoping Im going to like Thor but I am not holding my breath... but I can hold it for a long time. Like Inception, but as peeps are saying its a bit of a twisty turny thing (no top pun intended) and it helps to have a piece of string unravelling behind you when you are watching it. There was a film in the 80's called Dreamscape and it reminded me in parts of that  as well as the Matrix. Talking of which the first of that trilogy was fantastic - Hugo Weaving's enunciation was key to beleieing he really was a machine that was hacked off! Most watched probably Sherlock Holmes, Ironman, first XMen film...and though its not a film the first TV series I bought on video a billion years ago when Moria still had Betamax was Edge of Darkness with the late great Bob Peck.

I loved all of LoTR apart from the ending which just appeared hokey compared with the rest of the drama, sorrow and entertainment. Would have made a lot more sense and have had better closure with Saruman being chased off the Shire.

Thank you and good night if I can figure out a way of blowing out this torch.....

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