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Bloick,I agree with you about the ending of LotR.I also find the ride of Arwen with Frodo pretty disturbing.I feel it kind of belittles Frodo because he rode himself out of danger and didn't need the help of any Elves.

Talking about Elves I just don't get that super-emphasis on them being God-like characters compared to fumbling men.I read the books after I saw the movie so I had to really readjust my mindset about Elves and men.And after reading The Silmarillion,I felt  the movie was such a joke.But I enjoyed the movies and still do,as they introduced me to Tolkien.Those are epic in their own rights.

For upcoming movies,I really wouldn't have time to watch any as an avalanche of exams are coming my waySmile Smilie...but I'm of course looking forward to The HobbitSmile Smilie

I know it's not a film but does anyone here like Monty Python 's flying  circus?blush


(...also this smiley is really funny: ....I think xD)

Another thread rises from the dead! Monty Python made films, too, so they can be included. "Favorite" to me means "can watch again and again, without getting bored or nit-picking, and maybe even see something new". Casablanca, obviously, an almost perfect film. A couple of others have followed me down the years: The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T"-- a very strange take on a children's movie; and "The Tomb of Ligeia" -- the last of Corman's Poe series, which set up a resonance in my soul, when I saw it as a teenager. Little did I dream that for me, it would turn out to be prophecy.
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